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Apple’s New 11” iPad Pro Has One Huge Design Flaw…

My husband and I are both the proud new owners of Apple’s new 11” iPad Pro. While in general we love most everything about them, there is one huge annoying problem that no other reviewers mention. It’s annoying enough that it might cause someone to reconsider making a purchase right now, which is why I’ve written this post. I wish I’d known about it prior to my purchase. I feel like I should have discovered it based on the significant number of reviews that I read beforehand! Continue reading

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No Sound on Videos in Safari ios 10-12

In this post I describe several methods to fix the problem of videos playing with no sound in Safari on ios. Continue reading

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I Love the iPad Pro With One Huge Exception…The OnScreen Keyboard Has Big Problems

I’ve finally had a lot of time to work with the the iPad Pro over the holidays so I thought I’d write a quick review of my first impressions using it. Size, Weight &  Ease of Holding I’m really impressed … Continue reading

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Everything You Want to Know About iPad Pro | First Day Sales on November 11th, 2015

I broke down and ordered the iPad Pro after spending half of an evening helping my husband delete things off of his Air 2…because it’s so full.

I’m telling myself it’s for him…and it really is…but I get to play with it too :-) And Pencil…well, I can’t even disguise the fact that it’s really for me. Continue reading

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