Evernote Clearly the Plugin for Computer Browsers Saves Me Time

Evernote Clearly is a Great New Plugin Created to Work in Firefox and Chrome & Opera

Free cc image of evernote icon

What I love about Evernote Clearly is that it serves two really important functions in one.

  1. It acts just like Reader does in the Safari ios browser, so that if I want to read a longer article online, Clearly removes all the advertising and gives me a nice clean page to read
  2. EV Clearly also functions as a web clipper for Evernote sending content to Evernote.  So, if I’m reading an article that ends up being so great that I want to save it, I just click on the Evernote Icon and whatever I’m reading is clipped and saved in a notebook that I designate.

Here’s a link to more information about it.

I was reading an article about how to password protect pdf documents so that you can email them in a secure manner to someone else.  I tried out Evernote Clearly on the article because the webpage was too ‘busy’ with distracting elements for me to focus on it.

This is how the article looked in Clearly.

Evernote Clearly ScreenshotNot only is it much easier to read an article, without accidentally clicking on some ad, but you can also highlight things of importance before you clip and save it!

Link to a free iBook on ios devices giving a nice overview of Evernote:

Evernote Unleashed: Remember Anything. Accomplish Any Goal. Get More Done. by Jason Bracht

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