Photo Folders for Apple’s iPhones & iPads Help to Organize Large Photo Collections (on ios 12 and Higher)

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Updated August 3, 2020

If you find yourself constantly struggling with very large collections of photos on iPhones and iPads…back in September 2018 (under ios 12’s reign) Apple introduced a great new tool to help you.

Introducing Photo Folders (for ios 12 on up)

There’s just one little problem with Apple’s great new feature!

Apple didn’t bother to tell anyone about it!

They didn’t announce it as a new feature. They didn’t create a support page explaining how photo folders actually function in ios. They didn’t even teach us how to physically work with folders. For all practical purposes it seems Apple has chosen to ignore this newest incarnation of photo folders completelyother than to create them!

It happened quite by accident when I noticed what appeared to be their use online by an ios user a few days before I wrote this post. To say I was surprised, amazed and thrilled with my discovery would be an understatement!

Example of photo Folders and photo albums.

New Folders Features in the Photos App!

How Can ios Photo Folders Help You?

Probably the best thing about folders is that you can use them to group several similar photo albums together. By doing this you significantly reduce the amount of time spent scrolling through photo albums searching for the correct one.

My YouTube Video

Shows You Some Ways You Can Use Photo Folders

A word of warning: My video is pretty rambling because I was just figuring out how they worked while I recorded it and also because there are several iterations of the different ways to implement them the kind of things. If you want to skip over some of this and get into the heart of it…just use your finger or mouse to drag the video’s scrub bar (the little moving red dot at the bottom left) to around the 6 minute mark.

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