omg…Colin Won Yesterday at SXSW’s Pitch Competition!

The Pitch Competition Had 40 Finalists this year.

This Was My 1st Time Attending SXSW

Since Colin’s company was competing in SXSW’s Pitch Competition this year he was given an extra ticket, which he shared with me. I’ve always wanted to attend SXSW and this year’s online event was my perfect opportunity to do so.

I don’t think it could have been a more exciting event knowing that my son’s brand new bioplastics company was going to be there competing too and that I could actually watch the whole Pitch event from home!

Download the News About Colin Winning Below

Because of the goofy way Facebook does things…this PDF is the only way I could think of to share this news and the links I included with you…sorry for any inconvenience;-)

OK already…here’s the link…it’s up above in the title too.