How to Create a New Folder in Apple’s Files App ios 12

Updated: January 15, 2019

Apple's support page describes how to add a new folder
Apple’s support page describes how to add a new folder


Apple’s new Files App doesn’t make it obvious to most users that when they are creating or editing documents they are doing so using the Pages app…which is Apple’s word processing app. This is useful to know because most of Apple’s support documentation is found by searching for Pages documentation.

I’ve been using Pages for many years. I love the power of it combined with its simplicity. That’s saying a lot…because I had been a diehard Microsoft Word user. I really didn’t think anything could change that.

As  life intervened I shifted to primarily using iPads for my work. This was still before Word for iPad even existed!

Incidentally, now that Word for ios does exist…it’s the bomb! And by that I mean it’s great! It’s super easy to get started using and it’s powerful!

I quickly became a Word Processing aficionado for ios. Mainly because there weren’t really any good ones back then. I wrote a lot…even back then…so, I was determined to discover any hidden gems. Sadly…that never happened.

Good Word Processors did finally arrive on the scene…but they were from the big players that you’d expect. So where there was once a dearth of good Word Processing Apps for iPad…now there are probably a few too many. Yet, even with all the great choices, I still really love Pages!

Some Handy Links for Pages & Word Processing

Apple’s Online Support Pages for ios 

Pages 4.1 New Features

How to Remove Red Lines Under Misspelled Words in Pages

My Overview of Word Processing Apps for ios

Advanced Tips for Pages

How to Add A New Folder in Apple’s Files App

Personally I liked the old method of creating a new folder in Pages better. There was just one problem with it. The older method required you to have at least 2 documents to put into the new folder. That was mainly because you needed to smush those 2 documents together to create a new folder…the new method let’s you only put 1 document into the newly created folder.

Intuitively I figured there would be a + somewhere for me to use to create the New Folder…and in the end I discovered that I was correct in my assumption. But no + for that purpose could be found…anywhere. I literally spent 15 minutes trying to find it before deciding to use an iPad that’s still on ios 10 to accomplish the task (using the smush method ;-) Which I did and it was faster than my trying to use Google to find the answer.

The solution is so simple…but a bit infuriating too!  Please refer to my screenshot below for the answer.

The trick to create a new folder
Below:  The trick to create a new folder

It’s infuriating because Apple is constantly doing things like that! By ‘things like that’ I mean hiding important commands or tools behind a view that seems to be intentionally hidden from users’ view. Users would only know to drag a screen view downwards (or to swipe down) if they were very familiar with how Apple does things.

Why does Appple persist in hiding important commands from users’ view? Truthfully, I have no idea, but I suspect it’s that kind of behavior that so angers many Android users and causes them to conclude that Apple is arrogant. I mean…it’s kind of a dick move truthfully. I NEVER use that kind of language, but in this instance it seems like the best, maybe even the only way to describe it. I finally ‘get’ just a little bit why there are hoard’s of Android users who lose it and exhibit such over-the-top hostility towards Apple.

So…that’s one good thing to come out of this frustrating experience…I finally understand something I’ve been puzzled by for years. There’s quite possibly another good thing too.

I’ll never again forget how to add a new folder to Pages!


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