LastPass | How to Review Saved Passwords

This article discusses how to review your passwords if you been using the free version of LastPass (within the Firefox browser on a Windows 7 Desktop).

Navigate in Firefox to:

Open Firefox – find the Menu Bar – look for the LastPass Icon – then use the LastPass menu to go to: My LastPass Vault – Security Check – LastPass Security Challenge

Under ‘What Does it Do?’

It says: Checks your vault for Heartbleed vulnerable sites

Start the Challenge

If you have several profiles/identities/email accounts it will ask you if you want it to check all of them. I checked yes.

It will then display a report showing you sites that you use that were vulnerable to attack, and if/when they updated their certificates, the age of your current password (since you’ ex had LastPass installed of course) and whether or not you should go change your password.

If you scroll down a bit, there is more information about the number of sites scanned and information specific to your passwords, like the number of duplicates you have and the number of sites utilizing the duplicated passwords.

At the top of the screen your ‘security score’ is displayed along with several options for additional information.

Click on: Show me detailed results! Then scroll down to the ‘Analyzed Sites’ report, and click on ‘SHOW ALL PASSWORDS’ enter your master password and print the report.

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