How to Create a PNG Image on an ios Device Using Pixelmator

Pixelmator for ios $1.99


Pixelmator for ios has slowly grown to become my ‘go to’ app for almost all of the screenshot and graphic design work I do on iPads. Some of the aspects I like most about using Pixelmator on iPads include the ‘in camera roll‘ editing features (I use sharpening the most after reducing image sizes with the Big Photo app or Pixelmator itself) and the ability to easily find past projects I’ve worked on within their in-app file manager.

I also love that when I’m sometimes confronted with a new task that I’ve not performed frequently in the past, I can usually figure out a way to get it done using Pixelmator.

When I purchased Pixelmator the app it cost $4.99. It had just been launched following Apple’s 2014 Live Keynote event which featured the brand new app. I didn’t use it a lot at first because in my opinion it had a fairly high learning curve. But as time went on and I edited more and more images I discovered that the learning curve just seemed complicated and it really wasn’t. Today, new users can get the app for just $1.99 which seems like a bargain to me because of the depth and power of its features. There’s been talk of a much improved Pixelmator for iPad in the works currently since the newest Mac Pro version was just released on November 29th.

Creating a PNG Image Using Pixelmator

Today I needed to create PNG images and once again was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could do this quickly and easily in Pixelmator. But the process was a little tricky to figure out which is why I decided to write this very short post.

Saving an Image in Pixelmator the Regular Way

The typical way to save an image in Pixelmator is to use one of either two options:

  • Save to Photos – will save any modifications I made to the original photo
  • Copy to Photos – will leave the original photo untouched and create a new copy of the modified image

Saving an Image While Also Converting it to a PNG

The method used to create a PNG is to save the photo or image in the PNG format. To do this tap on the share extension icon and choose ‘Send a Copy.’ You’ll be asked to select an image format…choose PNG. After you’ve tapped on PNG, a lot of different options will be presented for you to save the image such as to another app, to Air Drop it or to simply save it to the camera roll. This is the option I used.

Example of the Steps

Below is an example of the steps from start to finish using an existing JPEG image in the camera roll of the ios Photo’s app.

Step 1 Select an image and copy it.

Select an image from an album or the camera roll.Copy the photo bu tapping on Copy.

Step 2 Open Pixelmator, in the upper left corner Tap on + and then Create Image

Open the copied image in Pixelmator.

Step 3 Tap on the Share Icon and then Send a Copy

Step 4 Select PNG then Tap on Save Image

Tap on Send a Copy, PNG and Save

Check to See if the New Image is in the PNG Format

I use 2 apps a lot for checking image sizes and resolutions and one of them or for also reducing (or enlarging) images. The two apps in question are ViewExif and Big Photo.

The original JPEG image.

Now converted to a PNG image.

ViewExif $.99

by Skyjos Co., Ltd.

ViewExif ios App $.99

I spent much too much time trying to find a simple app that would provide me with accurate data regarding image size and resolution. Many apps purport to do that but few actually do it accurately. While I think this app probably does more, that’s all that I use if for. Since I found it I’ve been thrilled with how quickly I can now obtain the needed information for either 1 or many photos at the same time right within the Apple Photos app.

Big Photo $2.99

by Zynsoft Inc.

Big Photo ios App $2.99

Big Photo is a pretty powerful app too which also explains its higher price tag of $2.99. While I can’t say that I use it much for its intended purpose, which is it’s designed to allow working with very large image files and also to enable enlarging images without distortion. I primarily use it for reducing image sizes which works great for me because I can use it right from within the camera roll.


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