How to Share a Password with Dashlane

The Best Thing About Dashlane is You Can Share a Password Safely

Sharing account credentials safely after our home network was taken over by a botnet posed a real problem for me. One of my kids would call and want to know how to logon to an account we used as a family and there was no good way to send them the Password. Emailing it is an awful idea, and texting it isn’t much better. Both methods are especially unsafe if you need to share both the username and the password.

Compounding the problem even further was using unique random passwords that were long enough and included things like symbols to meet the security requirements of so many sites today. That’s why when I learned that Dashlane had a method of doing this safely I was immediately interested.

We’ve been using Dashlane to share family credentials for a few years now, and I have nothing but praise for the concept.

The one criteria that needs to be met is that the person your sharing the password with must also have a Dashlane account. Since my kids were way too savvy to want to spend their money on a Password manager, it took some convincing. But they ultimately caved because we had something they needed…our password!

Anyone can open an account with Dashlane. It’s free and they don’t need to actually use it.They just need the account so we can share our passwords with them.

How to Share a Password

Open Dashlane and find the password you want to share. There are too many platforms that Dashlane works on for me to include screenshots of this…but if you’re using Dashlane you should already know how to find a password.

Scroll to the bottom of the password and look for the words ‘Share Password.’

Tap or click on ‘Share Password.’

A box will popup with the password for you to share.

Limited User Rights means they can only use the password…not change it.

The box will include a default sharing message you can edit and change if you’d like. Dashlane will fill in an identity for you that can also be changed. If I wanted to change ‘Fake Person’ I’d tap or click on it and a little rolling bar with all my identities would appear that I could roll by flicking my finger on it and stopping it on the one I wanted to use.

The type in the name of the person you want or share with. Dashlane will use your contacts to display possible email addresses for you to select from. Pick one and change the ‘user rights’ if you want the recipient to be able to change your password…I don’t advise this! But apparently if you did, the password would be synced between both your accounts.

Full User Rights gives them the ability to change the password.

Full User Rights Sharing
Then tap send and your done!

Your recipient will get a notification within Dashlane and if they have notification badges turned on in ios a red number will appear by the Dashlane app icon. As soon as they open Dashlane a message will popup showing them the password you’ve shared with them and asking them to accept it.

It’s free and it’s easy so everyone can use it to share passwords!

Go to Dashlane’s website


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