Tech Topics

I like to write how-to types of articles for my family and friends, so this section of my website is devoted to my tech articles. This website is brand new (as of May 2014), so while there aren’t many articles yet, trust me…there will be.  Right now, for categorization purposes, I’m including these sections:

  • General Technology Articles – articles here are either very general in nature or they encompass more than one of the other categories, so I don’t want them to be buried within a category someone may not think to look in.
  • Computers – initially articles here will relate to desktop and laptop computers.  I’ll cover both hardware and software matters here.
  • Tablets – tablets are of particular interest to me, so they deserve their own section.
  • Security – security is another of my personal favorites, so I’ll have articles here about all different types of security, including Password Managers, Issues related to Heart Bleed, digital security as it relates to browsers, and things related to encryption and personal security hardware and software.

Please leave any comments or questions here and thanks for visiting!

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