Tablet Basics

Type of Tablets

There are really only a handful of types of tablets, and of those really only two that most people who are new to this should consider.

  • Android tablets – are basically almost all of the tablets that aren’t Apple…at least that’s how it started out.  Apple created the tablet market when they launched the iPad, and a year or two later, as Android cell phones captured a greater percentage of the mobile phone market, Android tablets were introduced. The app store for Android tablets is Google Play because Android tablets are very Google focused, meaning you must have a Google account such as Gmail to use the store.
  • Apple tablets – these are sometimes referred to as ios tablets, but in spite of the amount of things you’ll read about this there are really only 2 Apple tablets available presently which are the iPad (the newest is called the iPad Air), which are 10″ tablets and the iPad mini which is a 7″ tablet. The app store for iPad is now called the App Store by Apple, but it’s really just the iTunes store that’s been around since the first iPad came out.
  • Windows Tablets – are a third category but not one I’d recommend to a newcomer for several reasons.  First they aren’t as easy to learn to use as Apples and Androids and second there aren’t as many apps available for them currently.  Windows tablets use the Windows Store to acquire apps.
  • Kindle Tablets – these didn’t start out as tablets, they started out as Kindle reading devices, but as tablets became so hugely popular, people owning Kindles wanted to be able to more with their readers.  As they became more feature laden they crossed over into the tablet realm.  These aren’t really great as tablet however, since they use a sort of locked down minimal version of the Android operating system which doesn’t allow you to do as much with one.  Apps here are from Amazon, and these tablets are really good for watching, listening to, or reading media purchased from Amazon.
When you purchase a new tablet, it will come preloaded with some apps including the App Store for that type of tablet.

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