Scroll to the Bottom of a Webpage in Chrome ios & Work With Chrome Bookmarks

The Best Way to Scroll to the Bottom of a Webpage on ios is Through the Use of a Bookmarklet

This Method Pertains to Both Chrome & Safari (my guided steps use Chrome to illustrate since many people don’t know how to work with bookmarks in Chrome for ios…by doing so in this guide, this ends up becoming a simple guide for using Chrome ios bookmarks too.)

Bookmarklets are Somewhat ‘Old School’ But They Work Well for Simple Tweaks Like This

If you’re not familiar with what bookmarklets are, they are simply bookmarks that perform an action instead of taking you to a webpage.  They were more popular before ios 8 when Apple introduced the Share Extension…which simply refers to using the Share icon (the rectangular box with an upward pointing arrow) more extensively with more app-enabled functions.

ios Share/Bookmark Icon

ios Share/Bookmark Icon

Most people are familiar with how to create and use a bookmark in Safari. But fewer know how to work with bookmarks in Chrome. Once you understand how to navigate the bookmark system in Chrome, creating and using a bookmarklet is as easy to do as it is in Safari. This step-by-step guide will result in your understanding how to navigate bookmarks in Chrome for ios as well as help you to create your first bookmark and bookmarklet in Chrome.

Why Create a Bookmarklet to Scroll to the Bottom of a Webpage?

Apple’s mobile ios  operating system doesn’t allow you to use plugins with the Chrome browser. While you can use the Share extension in both Chrome and Safari, you need to use it with apps that offer the tool or utilities you’re looking for. I’ve searched several times through the years and I’ve never found one for the simple function of scrolling to the bottom of a webpage.

Yet, oftentimes I need to do just that. Webpages may be very long for numerous reasons. Sometimes this occurs when very long comments sections are present or when multiple blog posts follow one after another on the same webpage.

When you encounter a very long webpage, getting to the bottom of it can become a tedious task. Yet, many websites bury important menus and information at the bottom of webpages. That’s when this bookmarklet becomes quite handy.

Creating a Bookmark in Chrome | Transforming it Into a Bookmarklet

The steps for creating a bookmarklet are very simple. You first create a bookmark and then edit both the name and the URL that’s captured as the destination webpage within it. Essentially you end up editing all the information that the bookmark contains.

Bookmark Name

Web browsers automatically assign a bookmark name when it’s created but you can always edit the name to make it something you’ll easily remember.


When you transform a bookmark into a bookmarklet the transformation really occurs when you change this field’s information. Instead of including an URL to a webpage destination, you’ll add some code in JavaScript here instead. This code is a tiny little program that performs a function for you. To create more bookmarklets once you’ve mastered the steps in this guide, just Google something like ‘bookmarklets for ios’ to find websites that specialize in directories of bookmarklets.

Please be advised however, that because bookmarklets are somewhat ‘old school’ you’ll most definitely encounter some code that no longer works the way it was intended. That’s not a problem however, because you won’t do any harm trying out inoperable code here. Generally, that’s the best way to quickly ascertain the functionality of a bookmarklet.

Pretty page divider

First here are the written steps for creating a bookmark and bookmarklet in Chrome. Next I’ve included a series of screenshots to illustrate the steps.

Steps to Create a Bookmark & Bookmarklet in Chrome ios

  1. Bookmark any webpage – this can be any page you want because you’ll end op editing the entire bookmark to make it function as a bookmarklet
  2. In the name field enter something simple you’ll remember easily – I’ll use ‘gtb go to bottom of page.
  3. In the URL field enter the 1 line of code in the blue box found in this PDF document.
  4. Tap on ‘Done’

Link to the PDF document with the 1 line of JavaScript code you’ll need to copy and paste into the URL field of the bookmark you’re editing.

Pretty page divider

The 1st 8 Screenshots Below Show You Step-By-Step

How to Create a bookmark in Chrome ios

After the bookmark is created, you’ll immediately edit it to turn it into a bookmarklet. My screenshots are extremely detailed…so don’t let the fact that there are 8 of them deter you…this is really a very simple procedure once you know where to tap to get the right menus to show up!

The Next 4 Steps Show How Edit a Bookmark to Turn it into a Bookmarklet

Test the Bookmarklet

It’s a really good idea to test out your bookmarklet prior to using it for the first time. While it would be ideal to test it out on a really long webpage, that’s not necessary…any webpage will do for this test.

First, make sure that Chrome is open to a specific webpage. It can be most anything. You can even use this feature on a webpage that just displays search results for Google as I’m doing in my example below. But you can’t use it on the actual Google Search page itself.

Steps to Test Your Bookmarklet

  1. Once a webpage is displayed on Chrome, begin the test.
  2. Tap on the address bar to get the URL that’s displayed in it highlighted in blue.
  3. Tap the X on the right hand side bar of the address bar to delete the current URL.
  4. Begin entering the first few characters of the Bookmarklet name you created.
  5. Look down in the list that Chrome displays for you Bookmarklet and tap on it.
  6. Instantaneously you’ll be taken to the bottom of the webpage.


That’s all there is too it. Once you’ve saved your bookmarklet if you’ve signed into your Google account and enabled syncing in Chrome’s settings…this bookmarklet will be available on all your ios devices. Below is a screenshot showing how to enable syncing is Chrome’s settings.

Chrome ios sync settings


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3 Responses to Scroll to the Bottom of a Webpage in Chrome ios & Work With Chrome Bookmarks

  1. Bill Hill says:

    11/30/17. I have an iPhone with the latest IOS. 11.x.x

    In Chrome, on the right side of the address URL box. I see a box with a sideways smiley face. Touching it stacks all my tabs

    To the right of that, there’s 3 dots.
    In that List is a Bookmarks topic.


    CREATE A BOOKMARK ON MY IPHONE 6 running chrome

    Your instructions need rapid updates

    Thanks for trying to help

    Bill in Hawaii


    • vsajewel says:

      Hi Bill, Sorry this reply took so long. We were on a family vacation. I need to check out why what you’re seeing is different. It’s either because you’re using an iPhone and I wrote this using an iPad or it’s ios 11 and I wrote it using ios 10. Either way I try hard to keep my posts updated for current conditions so I really appreciate your letting me know about the differences. I’ll report back here when I have an answer. Thanks again!


    • vsajewel says:

      Hi Again Bill,

      I figured it out now. Its ios 11 for iPhone that’s different. The star is there but it’s in a different place. When you tap on the 3 dots, the box that opens has the star at the top…just tap it to
      save a bookmark.


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