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Most of the articles I write for my blog/website are guides to getting things done using technology I’m most familiar with.  I use Evernote a lot and have come to rely on it almost exclusively for syncing data I need to remember.  While I didn’t coin the phrase, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment:

Free cc image of evernote icon

” Evernote has become an extension of my brain”

 My Evernote Productivity Links

I keep links and even some ‘shared’ notebooks of other Evernote users productivity tools and thought it might be helpful if I created this page of links to some of the resources I’ve found really helpful.

  •  Christopher Mayo

    Fellow EV beta-tester who’s helped countless users on EV forums, also known as Grumpymonkey:

Link to his Evernote section on his website

  • Me

Evernote a Free App That’s Changing How To Remember Information  I wrote this for my Dad as a start to his learning how to use Evernote

  • Mark O’Neill

  • Author of the free eBook at the MakeUseOf Website:

      How To Use Evernote: The Unofficial Manual

      My links for ios productivity

      PC Magazine’s List of the 50 Best iPhone Apps on May 2014

      Great ios Bookmarklets That Save You Time

       My Links for Windows Security 

      GlassWire A Free Firewall & Network Monitoring Application

      Download GlassWire for Windows


      • is a blog written by some of the technical team for ESET.  ESET is a US provider for antivirus software.  I use some of their applications, and like them.

      This blog, for me, is a great one-stop place to stay on top of security news for PC’s and more.

      I’d love to find out about any productivity tools my readers may use.  Especially those that have become so entrenched in your daily routine that your reliance upon them is almost forgotten.

      If there are links that I discover, either through these comments or other sources, I’ll continue to update this list, and republish any left by commenters here as hotlinks.

      Please leave any comments or questions here and thanks for visiting!

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