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What’s Filling Up My C: Drive? I Was Stunned to Learn Window’s 10 Secretly Downloads to all Windows’ 7 & 8 Computers

Following a month long vacation I returned home to find a significantly higher than average # of Window’s Updates awaiting my OK to install. My small, lightening fast SSD was buried, and I suspect that the secret install of Windows 10 is largely to blame.

It seems to me that Apple & Microsoft are becoming more and more similar in their controlling practices and their ‘we know better that our customers do’ attitude!

If only someone would come out with an easy to use ‘Linux for Dummies’ operating system! Continue reading

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Windows 10 |  Links to Some of the Best Articles on Windows 10 News

My Updated post written on July 29, 2015 The Day has Finally Arrived Window’s 10 is Here Now * (*that’s assuming that you’ve pre-reserved a free copy for yourself) Windows 10 Launch Day Links Gizmodo’s top tech reporters (including, but … Continue reading

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Links to Top News from Microsoft’s Window’s 10 Build Conference April 2015

On Wednesday, April 29th 2015 Microsoft held a Windows 10 Build Conference Build # 10074 Well I’m Finally Excited About Window’s 10…and the rest of the world seems to be too…    Twitter’s been abuzz with news of Window’s 10 … Continue reading

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