Happy (kinda belated) Birthday Greg!

Happy Birthday Card


Recently I ran across a sort of get well card that you made for me Greg, when I was at Mayo’s . I thought you’d enjoy seeing it again since you were only about 5 when you made it…so I figured you’d forgotten all about it.

I managed to find it again and it’s as cute as I remembered…I think you’ll figure out why when you read it!

Get well card Greg made me.
Apparently you were more worried about Mom and Dad coming home than you were about me! Maybe that’s why I’m so sad in your picture?

I was looking through our old family pictures for one of you when you were around the age you were when you made this. While I didn’t find that exactly, I did find these 2 cute ‘visiting Santa‘ pictures instead.

What I like about them is the fact that you’re not at all scared of Santa Greg…even at what must be the tender age of around 3? Which is kind of worrisome because if you look closely at this guy he doesn’t appear to be all that into his Santa role. (In fact I photoshopped a few telling stains off of his costume.)

But he does manage to capture Greg’s interest…and I realized he does that with something he has in his hand…but I couldn’t tell what it was.

Kids visiting Santa
It looks like Greg is just standing there but it you look closer you’ll see he’s really trying to figure out a way to get what Santa has in his hand..

It wasn’t until I saw this next photo that I figured out what it was that made you so interested that you forgot to even be scared of Santa! That unidentifiable thing in his hand is a lollipop! Remember the sweet tooth you used to have Greg? No wonder you weren’t afraid!

Kids visiting Santa
Since whoever is taking this picture got Greg’s attention long enough to shoot this photo…I can only assume that Santa promised his lollipop to Greg!

Anyway…happy belated birthday! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Love, V.