Pages for ios | Advanced Tips & Notes

Introduction| How I Use Pages

Website Work

I primarily use iPads for all of my content creation work. I do all of my website work, write new posts and create all of the visuals using just iPads. My main 2 website building platforms are and Weebly. In both instances the easiest method I’ve found to work effectively with iPads is using their apps. But in WordPress I can also work on my sites using their browser based tools. In Weebly, while that’s possible, you receive a warning when you attempt it and the warnings are well justified…because unintended results usually occur which can be challenging to fix!

I maintain 2 primary websites…vsatips (this one) and vsatrends…and use Pages on ios for multiple aspects of web creation. It’s a great alternative for creating visuals that I want to include in my Tutorials. Sometimes I use Pages as a word processor to write content that I then copy and paste into places on my sites.

My YouTube Channel

I also use iPads to create all of the content for my YouTube channel. In most instances my video footage is captured with an iPhone although since ios 11 I’m using the new built-in screen recorder to capture a lot of video footage too. I use Pages in ios to create video thumbnail images…which are the images you see as the main one when your viewing a video and there are more videos with related material displayed alongside the one your viewing. The thumbnail image is important because it sort of represents to viewers what kind of content your video includes. I also use Pages to create captions or title pages that better explain portions of a video.

Purpose of This Webpage

In recent years (2016-2017) Apple has added a lot of new features to Pages for ios. I needed a good place to keep notes on some of the new features and tips for myself on how to use them. I’ve found creating a webpage I can access easily works well for me for this purpose. I discovered when I accidentally published a similar webpage about video editing using a new ios video editing app called LumaFusion at my sister site, vsatrends…that other people found my notes useful too. So, rather than keep these notes private, I’m setting them to public so other people who are searching for help with Pages might find some of the things I’ve included here will answer their questions too.

Pages in ios 10

The version of Pages I’m currently using is a completely new and updated one with a ton of new features that was released around the time ios 10 was. Granted, ios 11 is now available for public use, but I haven’t switched most iPads to it yet because I beta tested 11 and found it slow on my iPads. Until the speed issues improve I’ll keep most iPads on ios 10.

One of the newest features of Pages I love that came out shortly after ios 10 did was the ability to add a lot of Apple provided graphics to your documents. I made a PDF of the instructions at Apple’s support site on this topic because I recently discovered that the graphics they’ve provided can be used in a much more sophisticated manner than initially meets the eye. Some shapes can be broken apart into several shapes and then combined with others to form entirely new shapes. You can download this PDF I made with many of the advanced instructions to use this feature.