2 Amazon’s Devices Deliver Superb Performance at Rock Bottom Prices

Amazon’s 2 Day Annual Customer Appreciation Sale Prime Days Ends Tonight at Midnight…So There’s Just 4 Hours Left for These Great Prices

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The rapid pace which Amazon continues to launch new Alexa enabled Echo devices makes it clear they are set on keeping their huge lead in the smart home, AI device market.

There are 2 devices Amazon includes within this group which consistently outperform the others despite their incredibly low prices. Prime Days is known to be the best opportunity for customers to acquire these devices at the lowest prices imaginable and…

…today is that day!

The 1st Device is Amazon’s Smallest Echo Show

Fyi…if you happen to not be quite ready today to make your entry into the world of Amazon’s AI Devices…there is one other day that’s also well-known among ‘Primers’ for having the lowest prices on all Amazon devices. That day is Amazon’s Black Friday Sale.

Amazon Just Released a New Smaller Sized Echo Show Timed Perfectly for their Huge Annual Prime Day Sale

In a move guaranteed to gain an even larger fan base for Amazon’s widely popular Echo Show lineup, Amazon’s newest Echo Show 5 is predicted to clinch Echo Show the top position as Amazon’s most popular Echo device ever. The Verge did a great review of the original Echo Show when it was first launched in the spring of 2017.

The Show 5 is the only device of the 2 that I don’t own personally. That’s because I have the original Show which I really like and which I’ve never felt needed to be upgraded.

Many of you may be wondering, what exactly an Echo Show even is! It’s a combination personal assistant, smart speaker, home automation controller, telephone and video phone and a quasi-computer-like device which also serves a huge entertainment need by including things like YouTube, Hulu and similar TV-like viewing experiences, plus games, news updates…all in one nicely packaged box.

I happen to love the original Echo Show’s size and footprint (about 4” x 7.5.) If I didn’t I would probably invest in the newer 10” models in order to gain the bigger screen size. The newest Show 5 is also the smallest Show in their lineup.

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page here’s a brief overview of the Echo Show with a description of each model.

The Echo Show Lineup
The Echo Show Lineup

The Original Echo Show

Echo Shows are similar to all of the other Alexa enabled Echo devices, which initially were launched as ‘smart speakers’ in 2014. Echo’s were designed to seamlessly serve up all of Amazon’s great free Prime content. The one thing that all the other Echo devices couldn’t provide was a way to view Amazon’s free Prime video content.

So in the spring of 2017 Amazon announced a pre-sale for their newest Echo device…the Show…which also included a 7” touch screen. By including a touch enabled screen, Echo Shows finally addressed that one deficiency. There’s no doubt this is how Show’s have managed to dominate the widely popular Echo product line in such a short span of time.

The original Echo Show is currently only available as used for around $99 during the Prime Day’s sale. It’s regular price was reduced to $189.99 after it’s initial release price of $230.

The Echo Show 2

The second Show model that was released Amazon called the Echo Show 2. It was launched in September 2018. Everything about the original Echo Show was beefed up…the screen size was increased from 7” to 10”, sound was greatly enhanced (although I feel the sound on the original Show is still pretty great!) and many people felt it was overall a better looking device than the original Show…which I don’t happen to agree with. I love the form of the original!

Echo Show 2’s regular price is $229 and it’s Prime Day’s sale price is $159.

The Echo Show 5

When Amazon released Echo Show 5 many people including myself were puzzled about why. The even smaller form factor of 5 1/2 inches seemed unnecessary. It didn’t really strike a chord with me until Prime Days were underway that the whole point of Amazon releasing the Show 5 was for price. It’s normal price of $89.99 makes it the only Show priced under $100.

The Echo Show 5’s Prime Day’s price of $49.99 places it in the unique position of being truly a much more affordable Show than has ever previously existed.

Although Amazon Now Offers the Echo Show In 3 Different Sizes…the Most Popular ‘Show‘ Device May Well Be One That’s Not Even a True ‘Show‘ Device

The 2nd Device is a Fire 10 HD Tablet

In 2018 Amazon added Alexa capabilities to their line of inexpensive Fire tablets too. This one small feature addition has had a huge impact upon the Show community, because it made Show type features available to anyone with a Fire Tablet.

The only thing that remained was for Amazon to add a few settings tweaks which make it easy to keep the Fire 10 plugged in and turned on 24/7 thereby keeping Alexa at the forefront of all other applications.

Fire Tablets Go On Sale Frequently Throughout the Year

One big reason for my writing this post is to explain to readers the ways in which owning a Fire Tablet can be really beneficial to them as well as how they can go about acquiring one for as little as $60. Because that’s how much I paid for my most recent Alexa acquisition…the Fire 10 HD Tablet.

Why We Bought Our 1st Fire 10 Tablet

Currently, in 2019, Amazon sells their Fire tablets in 3 sizes…the Fire 7 is their budget model…it’s the only Fire Tablet without an HD display. The Fire 8 is their small, high-end HD version and the Fire 10 is their flagship tablet which includes the most features, bells and whistles of Amazon’s current tablet lineup.

I bought our first Fire 10 tablet during the Prime Day Sale in 2016 for $230.

When I discovered that Fire Tablets now had the capabilities of performing as an Echo Show device, I immediately dug out our old original Fire 10 tablet, which I’d acquired during a Prime Day sale.

Recently, during their Mother’s Day promotion, I acquired a brand new 2nd generation Amazon Fire 10 Tablet after having discovered that I absolutely love it for certain things. It was while I was purchasing our 2nd Fire 10 Tablet that I discovered there are quite a few holidays during the year when Amazon reduces the prices for many of their devices. Some of these holidays include Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, Black FridayI and of course their major Prime Day sale.

My first Fire 10 Tablet.
This screenshot shows our first Fire 10, which was the least expensive ‘With Special Offer’s version’ available to us.

Overview of the Fire 10

Our first Fire 10 was really only used before a big trip, when I loaded it up with content and then a lot during our travels for viewing that content.

The Fire 10 tablet was first introduced in 2015…a few years after the successful introductions of the Fire 7 and 8 tablets. The reason I bought our first Fire 10 was because Amazon devices are the absolute best way to consume Amazon content. Not only do they display information in the best way possible making it easy to find what you’re looking for. But it used to be that owning an Amazon device was the only way possible for consumers to download Amazon content for viewing offline. In our case we wanted to download content in order to use it while traveling internationally.

But downloading Amazon content has changed a lot since then. At that time we could only download purchased content. Now we can download any content that’s available for viewing…so all free Prime content can be downloaded too. The restriction allowing only those users with Fire devices was changed so that now any Prime members can download free Prime content using their mobile devices as long as they do it using the Amazon video app while signed into their Prime account.

Why Buying a Fire Tablet Now is So Awesome

While it’s not necessary to own a Fire device for downloading video content anymore, there are 2 other equally compelling reasons for wanting to own one.


If like us you happen to be Amazon Prime members who take advantage of all the great free content Amazon offers, then using a Fire tablet to discover, manage and consume all your content offers a lot of advantages efficiency-wise.


Amazon bestowed Fire tablets with all of their great Alexa, voice activated features which means that you can now use them as inexpensive Echo devices. I happen to love the Echo Shows, but (up until the Show 5) they were relatively expensive. So, for me, Fire Tablets offered an alternative way of having multiple Echo Shows in our home without breaking the bank! The fact that they function both as an Echo Show as well as a stand-alone tablet made the decision a no brainer!

Getting the Best Price Possible for the Fire 10 HD Tablet

Buying the Fire 10 HD tablet today is simple if you want to just go with the retail price of it (which varies significantly with holidays and Amazon sales.) According to CamelCamelCamel the best price for the Fire 10 tablet was $99.99 and it normally retails for $149.99.

So…how did I acquire it for $60 in May?

Camel camel camel Tracks Amazon Product Prices
Camel Camel Camel Tracks Amazon Product Prices

How to Get the Fire 10 Tablet at Rock Bottom Prices

My purchase was during Amazon’s Mother’s Day sale. The Tablet was discounted to $119 for that sale. I noticed as I contemplated placing my order that Amazon had several special deals related to buying that tablet. One involved upgrading from an older Fire tablet. Since I did have an older Fire 10 that I was no longer using, it made sense to explore this further.

What I Discovered Was Shocking!

By Trading in an Old Device I Could Save A Lot More Money!

What I learned is that in addition to receiving a Gift Card for the value of the old tablet that I could apply the the purchase of the new tablet I also received another 25% off the price of the new Fire 10 tablet too. So, for me, I paid $119 – 25% (-$30) – $30 trade-in value = $60!

The Trade-In Message I Saw Which Was Responsible for Saving Me So Much Money
The Trade-In Message I Saw Which Was Responsible for Saving Me So Much Money

Since the Fire 10 HD tablet is now priced $20 less than when I purchased it…it can be had today only (and maybe on Black Friday too) for the low price of $40…if you were to have an old Fire tablet laying around!

It Isn’t Necessary to Trade-In Just Old Amazon Devices…Any Old Device Will Save You A Lot!

I thought long and hard about trading in an old iPad instead. Mainly because the trade-in credits were so generous. For example the original iPad Mini receives a trade-in price of $28 and the iPad Mini 2’s trade-in price is $55…I had one of each to consider.

There isn’t a great way to link to the trade-in’s I considered because they were displayed as a pop-up window which is part where of the Fire 10’s Product Page. But you can directly visit Amazon’s Trade-In webpages and Lookup trade-in values for any devices you might currently own here.

If You’re a Prime Member These Kinds of Devices Help You Remember to Take Advantage of All Amazon’s Free Content

Since Prime Day’s are ending soon I won’t go into a lot more detail about the features and functions of each device. Suffice it to say there are tons of YouTube videos which do exactly that. Here is a great Amazon review written by someone familiar with Fire tablets and iPads which I relied heavily upon to make my purchase.

If you do get a Fire 10 Tablet please be aware that it doesn’t run a standard version of the Android operating system therefore it doesn’t utilize the Google Play Store out of the box. That’s because Amazon sells these tablets at a loss in order to make more money in their own App Store…although most apps are free so that can’t be going well!

You can install the Play store however…quite easily…just Google it to find instructions. Also, because it’s an Android Tablet that means 2 great things…you can have multiple user accounts on one tablet…and you can add an SD card for additional storage. Here’s the SD card I got for $7.99.

The SD CARD I got!
Here’s the SD card I got

Additional Thoughts

Originally I was going to write about another fabulous bargain but ran out of time because we literally just arrived home from a great vacation in Seattle where we got to tour the Amazon campus! But I’ll just briefly mention it here just because it is too great of a deal to pass up imo.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is currently on sale for $14.99. I had my first opportunity to try out this Roku lookalike just recently and I was very impressed!

This is the Fire TV Stick I Bought Last Year at the Prime Day Sale
This is the Fire TV Stick I Bought Last Year at the Prime Day Sale

Additional Resources

Here’s a link to a great comparison chart of all Amazon’s Fire tablets…you need to scroll down the page somewhat to see it.

Wired wrote a helpful article on determining which Fire Tablet is the one you should get.

Rather than buying Amazon’s expensive charging dock for the Fire 10 to use while in Show Mode, I use this inexpensive tablet stand instead.

I've purchased a lot of tablet stands in recent years...this one is a current favorite.
I’ve purchased a lot of tablet stands in recent years…this one is a current favorite.
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Use a Great New Folders Feature in ios to Manage Large Photo Collections

If you find yourself constantly struggling to deal with very large collections of photos on iPhones and iPads…ios 12, introduced back in September 2018, has a great new tool to help you!

New Folders Features in the Photos App!

How Can ios Photo Folders Help You?

Probably the best thing about folders is that you can use them to group several similar photo albums together. By doing this you significantly reduce the amount of time spent scrolling through photo albums searching for the correct one.

My Latest YouTube Video Demonstrates Some Ways to Utilize Photo Folders

ios 12’s Secret Improvements for Apple Photo’s Folders

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Investor’s Business Daily Just Began a New Video Podcast Series to Learn About Investing

Photographing Money is Fun


The other day I asked my husband what the current investment market was like, since I don’t usually follow investment news. He told me stock prices were really low right now. To me that appeared to mean this might be a good time to pick up some investing skillls because I know enough to know that buying low and selling high is the obvious main goal. So if stock prices are low I thought, then the timing for me to begin building a portfolio might be good.

I asked him if we were in a bear market and he said that wasn’t exactly clear. So I Googled it and sure enough no one seems to agree on that! The article I chose to listen to (because it made the most sense to me) is this one from MarketWatch.  They said that if we aren’t in a bear market already we’re headed there.

I also discovered  something else the other day that contributes to my wanting to learn more about  investing right now.  It’s that currently the dollar is very strong against the British pound and the Euro. I was blown away by just how strong the dollar is right now. I don’t think that it’s ever been stronger in my lifetime! I’m constantly running across fascinating companies that I think have great products worth considering investing in. Frequently they seem to be European…more often than not, Berlin. That’s just one more reason why I think now is a great time  for me to learn some investment strategies and start working on a portfolio.

But where to begin? That is one thing that’s usually scared me away. In the past, after I conducted a little research I usually came away feeling very overwhelmed by too much data that oftentimes was conflicting. So I decided to try a different approach. I  decided that I should find one good source of information and just stick with that in my initial phase. Then maybe I won’t become so overwhelmed.

While I was searching for that one resource that I would use, I ran across a brand new podcast series that’s by Investor’s Business Daily.

On March 14th Investor’s Business Daily began a new podcast series that’s aimed at teaching relative beginners a set of strategies for investing.

Why I’m Excited by This New Video Podcast

My husband really likes IBD for investing information. As long as I’ve known him he’s been interested in learning as much as he can about investing and investment strategies.

He’s tried a lot of the big investment news sources that are out there. He told me that the CANSlim system they discuss and are teaching through this podcast series gets a lot of respect within the community.

He personally likes the CANSlim system too. His biggest complaint is remembering all the aspects of it! It’s complex, but apparently not as complex as many others from many of IBD’s competitors. He singled out Barron’s which I know he subscribes to as seemingly being at a higher level than most beginners would benefit from. He also gets the Wall Street Journal and said that the field of similar information they provide is vast and they vary in complexity a lot.

His feeling is that CANSlim offers a lot of advantages. It’s a uniform and proven approach that virtually anyone can learn if they’re interested. I’ll just add that upon first viewing you might be intimidated by both the speed of the information presented or that there’s too much of a learning curve. But trust me…it’s really not. All these investment guys have their own vocabulary which makes things seem harder than they are. While they do try hard to define these kind of words…they don’t catch them all and I did a fair amount of looking up. But I know that will get better for many reasons…I’ll catch up vocab-wise and they’ll get feedback slowing them down and all will be good in the end.

Therefore, any financial 1st episode may be somewhat foreign to you. Subsequent ones will get easier and easier to understand. They’re not selling anything other than that they’d like you to use their firm for its knowledgeable expertise and have nothing to gain from impressing you with big, unusual words that ultimately scare you away. So give it a chance if you’re on the fence and see if I’m right. After all, you’re never to old to learn something new!

Photo by Rick Tap on Unsplash
Photo by Rick Tap on Unsplash

Here’s a link to IBD’s site that has the first episode that I watched.

I’m Sharing a PDF of the Notes I Took of Their 1st Episode

I forget a lot if I don’t take notes so I’ve evolved into being someone who always takes copious notes when I’m learning something new. I took my time, looked up some of their terminology and wrote down some definitions as I watched the podcast. I tried to keep my notes pretty simple to follow. While I was doing this for me, I realized that my notes might be useful for others too. Especially as it pertains to whether or not they would find the podcast useful personally. I have one caveat though.

Please remember that my PDF is just my own personal notes. They aren’t intended to be a polished presentation that’s shared with others. In fact, I did try to clean them up some as I tried to convince myself that other people might benefit from these. I definitely have some trepidation about sharing my personal notes. But then I remembered my audience. The other amazing WordPress writers who follow me along with my own family and friends, and I convinced myself that no one would care about the fact that these are just Notes, and they’d see the value in them beyond that.

Here’s a link to the PDF I made of my notes. While I’m certainly not advocating IBD over anyone else…clearly I don’t know enough about the topic to even venture a guess…I can share what I’ve learned and you can make your own decision.

How to Find This Podcast

The one thing I couldn’t easily find was information about when and where the podcast would take place. I figured if it’s a weekly podcast, which I think it is, and March 14th was truly the day it was begun, then there will probably be a new one on Thursdays (today!) They didn’t share a link or mention some defined location for it, so I’m going to go back to the webpage I found episode 1 at, and hope that they add new episodes there. I had to search that one page for where I thought it might be and because even that was a little tricky, I made the following video showing where I believe new episodes will appear when available. Sadly, I don’t have any way to add arrows and icons to videos.

Before you watch my video, here’s a link to the webpage it discusses. The other location I don’t have a link to, but I briefly describe how to find it using an Apple or Android mobile device in my video. I’ll add here that Google Podcasts is the new stock podcast app as of June 2018…which you’ll find in the Google Play Store.

How to Find IBD’S New Podcast?

Link List

Link to IBD’S new Podcast

Link to my notes.

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How to Delete a Facebook Page Using Facebook’s Mobile Apps


I keep reading about the fact that I should have a Facebook Page. I’ve even dabbled around with creating one…

Now I want to delete it!

Frankly, I don’t really get the point of having one because they are confusing to maintain and guess what? So is deleting one! Facebook pages seem to me to be extremely convoluted. Its constructs don’t seem to follow any kind of logic. I do give credit to Facebook’s developers however, who appear to be trying to make this system better.

After searching for a long time for instructions to delete a sort of half baked page I made (after trying to do it on my own,) I finally found a whole Facebook group dedicated to deleting Facebook pages.

Facebook group about deleting a Facebook Page

They offer some instructions which are shown in the screenshot below. But I quickly found out that those instructions don’t work while using Facebook’s mobile apps. So I made my own set of instructions once I finally figured it out.

Naturally, once I was successful figuring out how to do this, which, btw TOOK UP WAY TOO MUCH TIME, I decided to share the steps with my readers.

Follow the Diagrams Below for the Steps to Delete a Facebook Page (Using a Mobile Device)

Find the Page You Intend Upon Deleting
Find the Page You Intend Upon Deleting
Navigate to the Page You Want to Delete
Navigate to the Page You Want to Delete
Tap on the 3 Dots in the Top Right Corner
Tap on the 3 Dots in the Top Right Corner
Using 'Edit Settings' is faster.
Using ‘Edit Settings’ is faster.
Tap on General
Tap on ‘General’
Scroll Down to Find Delete
Scroll Down to Find Delete
Finally…the Delete Box!
This is the Warning Message You'll Receive
This is the Warning Message You’ll Receive
When You See this You'll Know You Were Successful
When You See this You’ll Know You Were Successful
You'll Still See the Page for a Little While
You’ll Still See the Page for a Little While
This Error Message Means Success!
This Error Message Means Success!
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