Use a Great New Folders Feature in ios to Manage Large Photo Collections

If you find yourself constantly struggling to deal with very large collections of photos on iPhones and iPads…back in September 2018 Apple introduced a great new tool to help you (in ios 12)…Photo Folders.

The one little problem is that they didn’t bother to tell anyone about it! I just happened to accidentally discover it one day recently. To say that I was thrilled and amazed would be a very big understatement!

Example of photo Folders and photo albums.

New Folders Features in the Photos App!

How Can ios Photo Folders Help You?

Probably the best thing about folders is that you can use them to group several similar photo albums together. By doing this you significantly reduce the amount of time spent scrolling through photo albums searching for the correct one.

My Latest YouTube Video Demonstrates Some Ways to Utilize Photo Folders

My video is pretty rambling as I was just figuring out how they worked while I recorded it and there are several iterations of ways to implement them. If you want to skip over some of this and get into the heart of it…drag the video’s scrub bar to around the 6 minute mark.

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Investor’s Business Daily Just Began a New Video Podcast Series to Learn About Investing

Photographing Money is Fun


The other day I asked my husband what the current investment market was like, since I don’t usually follow investment news. He told me stock prices were really low right now. To me that appeared to mean this might be a good time to pick up some investing skillls because I know enough to know that buying low and selling high is the obvious main goal. So if stock prices are low I thought, then the timing for me to begin building a portfolio might be good.

I asked him if we were in a bear market and he said that wasn’t exactly clear. So I Googled it and sure enough no one seems to agree on that! The article I chose to listen to (because it made the most sense to me) is this one from MarketWatch.  They said that if we aren’t in a bear market already we’re headed there.

I also discovered  something else the other day that contributes to my wanting to learn more about  investing right now.  It’s that currently the dollar is very strong against the British pound and the Euro. I was blown away by just how strong the dollar is right now. I don’t think that it’s ever been stronger in my lifetime! I’m constantly running across fascinating companies that I think have great products worth considering investing in. Frequently they seem to be European…more often than not, Berlin. That’s just one more reason why I think now is a great time  for me to learn some investment strategies and start working on a portfolio.

But where to begin? That is one thing that’s usually scared me away. In the past, after I conducted a little research I usually came away feeling very overwhelmed by too much data that oftentimes was conflicting. So I decided to try a different approach. I  decided that I should find one good source of information and just stick with that in my initial phase. Then maybe I won’t become so overwhelmed.

While I was searching for that one resource that I would use, I ran across a brand new podcast series that’s by Investor’s Business Daily.

On March 14th Investor’s Business Daily began a new podcast series that’s aimed at teaching relative beginners a set of strategies for investing.

Why I’m Excited by This New Video Podcast

My husband really likes IBD for investing information. As long as I’ve known him he’s been interested in learning as much as he can about investing and investment strategies.

He’s tried a lot of the big investment news sources that are out there. He told me that the CANSlim system they discuss and are teaching through this podcast series gets a lot of respect within the community.

He personally likes the CANSlim system too. His biggest complaint is remembering all the aspects of it! It’s complex, but apparently not as complex as many others from many of IBD’s competitors. He singled out Barron’s which I know he subscribes to as seemingly being at a higher level than most beginners would benefit from. He also gets the Wall Street Journal and said that the field of similar information they provide is vast and they vary in complexity a lot.

His feeling is that CANSlim offers a lot of advantages. It’s a uniform and proven approach that virtually anyone can learn if they’re interested. I’ll just add that upon first viewing you might be intimidated by both the speed of the information presented or that there’s too much of a learning curve. But trust me…it’s really not. All these investment guys have their own vocabulary which makes things seem harder than they are. While they do try hard to define these kind of words…they don’t catch them all and I did a fair amount of looking up. But I know that will get better for many reasons…I’ll catch up vocab-wise and they’ll get feedback slowing them down and all will be good in the end.

Therefore, any financial 1st episode may be somewhat foreign to you. Subsequent ones will get easier and easier to understand. They’re not selling anything other than that they’d like you to use their firm for its knowledgeable expertise and have nothing to gain from impressing you with big, unusual words that ultimately scare you away. So give it a chance if you’re on the fence and see if I’m right. After all, you’re never to old to learn something new!

Photo by Rick Tap on Unsplash
Photo by Rick Tap on Unsplash

Here’s a link to IBD’s site that has the first episode that I watched.

I’m Sharing a PDF of the Notes I Took of Their 1st Episode

I forget a lot if I don’t take notes so I’ve evolved into being someone who always takes copious notes when I’m learning something new. I took my time, looked up some of their terminology and wrote down some definitions as I watched the podcast. I tried to keep my notes pretty simple to follow. While I was doing this for me, I realized that my notes might be useful for others too. Especially as it pertains to whether or not they would find the podcast useful personally. I have one caveat though.

Please remember that my PDF is just my own personal notes. They aren’t intended to be a polished presentation that’s shared with others. In fact, I did try to clean them up some as I tried to convince myself that other people might benefit from these. I definitely have some trepidation about sharing my personal notes. But then I remembered my audience. The other amazing WordPress writers who follow me along with my own family and friends, and I convinced myself that no one would care about the fact that these are just Notes, and they’d see the value in them beyond that.

Here’s a link to the PDF I made of my notes. While I’m certainly not advocating IBD over anyone else…clearly I don’t know enough about the topic to even venture a guess…I can share what I’ve learned and you can make your own decision.

How to Find This Podcast

The one thing I couldn’t easily find was information about when and where the podcast would take place. I figured if it’s a weekly podcast, which I think it is, and March 14th was truly the day it was begun, then there will probably be a new one on Thursdays (today!) They didn’t share a link or mention some defined location for it, so I’m going to go back to the webpage I found episode 1 at, and hope that they add new episodes there. I had to search that one page for where I thought it might be and because even that was a little tricky, I made the following video showing where I believe new episodes will appear when available. Sadly, I don’t have any way to add arrows and icons to videos.

Before you watch my video, here’s a link to the webpage it discusses. The other location I don’t have a link to, but I briefly describe how to find it using an Apple or Android mobile device in my video. I’ll add here that Google Podcasts is the new stock podcast app as of June 2018…which you’ll find in the Google Play Store.

How to Find IBD’S New Podcast?

Link List

Link to IBD’S new Podcast

Link to my notes.

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How to Delete a Facebook Page Using Facebook’s Mobile Apps


I keep reading about the fact that I should have a Facebook Page. I’ve even dabbled around with creating one…

Now I want to delete it!

Frankly, I don’t really get the point of having one because they are confusing to maintain and guess what? So is deleting one! Facebook pages seem to me to be extremely convoluted. Its constructs don’t seem to follow any kind of logic. I do give credit to Facebook’s developers however, who appear to be trying to make this system better.

After searching for a long time for instructions to delete a sort of half baked page I made (after trying to do it on my own,) I finally found a whole Facebook group dedicated to deleting Facebook pages.

Facebook group about deleting a Facebook Page

They offer some instructions which are shown in the screenshot below. But I quickly found out that those instructions don’t work while using Facebook’s mobile apps. So I made my own set of instructions once I finally figured it out.

Naturally, once I was successful figuring out how to do this, which, btw TOOK UP WAY TOO MUCH TIME, I decided to share the steps with my readers.

Follow the Diagrams Below for the Steps to Delete a Facebook Page (Using a Mobile Device)

Find the Page You Intend Upon Deleting
Find the Page You Intend Upon Deleting
Navigate to the Page You Want to Delete
Navigate to the Page You Want to Delete
Tap on the 3 Dots in the Top Right Corner
Tap on the 3 Dots in the Top Right Corner
Using 'Edit Settings' is faster.
Using ‘Edit Settings’ is faster.
Tap on General
Tap on ‘General’
Scroll Down to Find Delete
Scroll Down to Find Delete
Finally…the Delete Box!
This is the Warning Message You'll Receive
This is the Warning Message You’ll Receive
When You See this You'll Know You Were Successful
When You See this You’ll Know You Were Successful
You'll Still See the Page for a Little While
You’ll Still See the Page for a Little While
This Error Message Means Success!
This Error Message Means Success!
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How to Search a Whole Website Using Google


The new 10.5”iPad Pro

Image Above: Abstract Art Using Photos of iPad Pro

Post Updated March 10, 2018

I originally wrote this post in November 2018. I don’t know how many people outside the WordPress community know about what’s going on here…so I’ll fill you in a bit. Because it also explains why I’ve not published anything new in a while.

In the fall WordPress introduced a new editor for us to use in creating the webpages and posts that compose our websites. Originally it was available as a sort of ‘beta option’ but I personally was forced to start using it almost from the beginning, because the 2 editors that we’d previously used, while still available, were incredibly messed up. Nothing worked when trying to use them and I’d spend hours and hours just trying to get a few paragraphs entered and formatted…much less get images, titles and everything else uploaded and polished too! The one thing I’m not certain of is if this has been so bad just for me because I only use iPads or if this has been everyone’s experiemce.

It’s been a complete nightmare!

Fast forward a few months and still the new editor is supposedly ‘optional‘ but it’s slowly being integrated into everything we do. It’s not that I don’t like the new editor…In fact I do like it rather a lot. But it’s been almost impossible to get anything finished and polished enough for publication because it doesn’t work very well on an iPad. In addition, I always try to review all my content and keep things up-to-date…but the new editor has made the job almost impossible! I’ve literally spent 3-4 hours trying to fix one or 2 tiny things like typos!

So, while I’m certain that the new editor will be great when it’s finally fully integrated…I have to say…from my perspective WP did a pretty awful job orchestrating it’s transition!

Last week I had intended upon sharing this post with my nephew. I went to update it first (as I typically would) and somehow during that process it was deleted entirely!!! Which is why I’m republishing it today. I actually thought I had already republished it. But when I went to add something to it today I couldn’t even find it! I suppose I should be thankful that I’m not monitizing my websites yet :-)


One day last week my husband told me he’d searched a website for something. I’m the tech person now in our empty-nester 2 person household, yet I didn’t know that it was possible to search an entire website for one little thing. My own website for example has hundreds of posts and pages,,,.certainly no one could search through all that quickly and easily. That’s why I continue to house my somewhat unsightly but infinitely useful side menu system (which is in addition to the top menu…and also essentially identical to it!) Yet seeing how ungainly it’s become makes me cringe!

My husband and I argued for a while when I finally learned that he hadn’t really done that. I’m almost to embarrassed to tell you that was a big relief  for me because it means I continue to know more than he does about tech stuff. But the thought stayed with me.

Today I had occasion to need this exact capability so I decided to find out once and for all if this is really possible. And if it is possible, is it possible using an iPad?

That 2nd question is important because as many of my regular readers know, I use an iPad for pretty much everything I do online…which is a lot! Because of that I know for a fact that an iPad can never replace a computer…at least not easily, that is. Despite Apple’s increasing claims to the contrary.

Find a word on a webpage on iPad

What is easily done however using an ios device, is to search a webpage for a specific word or phrase.

I learned today that it’s equally easy to search a whole website for that word or phrase! Even more impressive is that this isn’t limited to just ios devices…

Anyone Can Do It!!!

Here’s How to Search a Whole Website for a Word or a Phrase

Simply pull up a Google search bar and enter this into the search bar:


the site name

the search word or phrase 

It occurred to me that what this is doing is essentially Googling within a website…which is pretty cool I think!

Putting it All Together

site:the site name the search word or phrase

A Real World Example

Today I wanted to search my 93 year old Dad’s website for his story recounting the worst inflation his family had ever experienced. This occurred before he was born in post World War I Germany.

As you can see from the screenshot a little further down, the way that Dad’s site is organized is that he uses menus for main categories of information. That means that when I’m searching for something in his website I need to open each category’s menu and scan through it. This can be time consuming and oftentimes I scan right past what I’m looking for.

My 92 year old Dad's website.

You may also notice that Dad doesn’t have a search bar in his website. That’s something I’ve suggested to him…but let’s face it…at 93 years old he sometimes struggles just to keep creating new content and getting it posted to the right place!  So, maybe when I’m visiting during Thanksgiving I’ll try to figure out how to do that for him.

But I digress…lets get on with my search.

While on his homepage I just scroll to the top of the page where the Google search bar is located. Currently it has his homepage information preloaded into it which makes it super easy for me to add the remaining bits of information.

adding site: to Dad's web address

As you can see by the following Google search results I hit the jackpot.

The Google Search results for my query.

I’m pretty shocked to see how many search results are all from Dad’s site! Apparently he’s written quite a lot on the subject of inflation!  It’s the first search result that’s the one I need…a story called ‘Inflation at it’s Worst.’ 

Dad's article about the worst inflation he's ever heard of in modern times

When I click on it, it takes me to Dad’s fascinating article (shown below) on what may well be the worst inflation that’s ever occurred in modern times!

So it Works!!

I guess I need to give my husband partial credit for even knowing this was possible to do ;-)

The Screenshot Below Shows a Lot of Other Cool Things You Can Do with Google Search

Who Knew You Could Do So Much Using Google Search?
Who Knew You Could Do So Much with Google Search?


Please leave any comments or questions by scrolling a little further down the page.

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