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Security Section Introduction

In 2018 security for all of your devices and accounts has become even more essential. Every few months a significant new security breach or opportunity for a breach comes to light. It is absolutely necessary for people to learn about them and to exercise a minimal level of caution. Anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish.

Since vsatips arose out of my own experience with a huge security incident, it’s one of the topics that compelled me to begin this site and one I try to keep readers on top of without focusing too much on it.

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what to do or when to do it.  Don’t feel like you’re all alone because you aren’t. There are many newer innovations and bloggers who are stepping up to address this huge need. These pages will try to keep you updated with the information you need to safely and securely navigate our modern digital world.

Security articles regarding password management,  browser security and encryption topics will appear both here and sometimes under the menu item ‘Evernote’.

Favorite Resources

Things that don’t warrant their own separate category I’m adding links to here.

How to Encrypt and Protect your Email | Comparitech

This is a great, comprehensive article that funky explains the concept of encrypting email and explains how to go about doing it using most common devices or web mails accounts that are around today. I never personally understood all of the finer points of this until reading this article…but now that I do, the task seems much less daunting.



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