How to See New Subscribers to Your Channel on ios YouTube App

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Finding out who subscribes to your YouTube channel when you’re using an ios device is a somewhat tricky endeavor. I  know because I was frustrated myself trying to accomplish this. When I finally figured out a solution I wrote a post about how to do it. When I published that post, that alone almost doubled the number of reader’s who visit my site in a days time.

Today, by chance I discovered an easy way to see who your new subscribers are using the ios YouTube app. I thought others would like to know where to find this information as well. If you kept a list of your subscribers using the method described in my earlier post, you can just update it occasionally by adding the new subscriber names you’ll find using this newer method.

Important Announcement 

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Thank You for Your Help!  :-)

The Steps

Step 1

Open the YouTube App

Step 2

When you first open the app you’ll see ‘Recommendations‘ which includes a combination of new content from channels you subscribe to as well as YouTube’s recommendations for new content on topics you may have viewed in the past.

Step 3

Make sure you’re signed into your Google account for the YouTube channel you’re interested in seeing the new subscribers for. To check your Google account you should see your profile picture in the upper right hand corner. If you tap on it, the view shown in the screenshot below will display and you can change accounts by tapping on ‘Switch Account.’

Step 4

Close that view by tapping on the X and look for ‘Activity‘ on the bottom menu on the ‘Recommendations‘ screen and tap on it.

The next screen display will show you any recent activity for your account and YouTube channel. If you’ve had any new subscribers recently they will appear here…refer to the screenshot below.

That’s all there is to it!

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Hi...I'm the author of 2 main blogs on WordPress...vsatips...where I write tech tips for mobile devices...primarily ios...2nd is vsatrends...where I write less about tech things and more about everything else. I also host a YouTube channel which I use to better illustrate some of the 'how to's' in my posts. I love everything about technology. Currently, my main interests/platforms are ios, Windows and Amazon Echo. Recently I decided we were spending way too much money with our local cable provider. So I decided to cut the cord. There is a definite learning curve, especially the antennae part, but we successfully did that and are now saving a boatload of money, so I write some about that. I also am extremely conscientious about security because of an event my family endured , so I write a lot about that too. Two sub-categories of security I tend to focus on are the password manager Dashlane and Hardware Firewalls. Last, I take a lot of notes and have been a beta tester for Evernote for many years. I love Evernote! In recent years Apple has beefed up Apple Notes a it’s become a fairly serious note long as its OK if you lose or mess up all your Apple note data. I write about those 2 note platforms primarily.
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