PokémonGo Fest 2018 Current Information for Players

Aerodactyle is at Navy Pier

GoFest ’18 Introduction

I was at GoFest 2017 which was a complete shambles of an event. I had high hopes for GoFest 2018 until the ticket sale…which went exactly the same way 2017’s had despite efforts on Niantic’s part to avoid similar problems.

The main problem was that all of the tickets were sold out in minutes to scalpers who are charging anywhere from $200 on up to beyond $1000 per ticket. We purchased scalped tickets last year in the $200 price range, which, for the money was a horrible investment in retrospect.

So, while I did attempt to buy tickets online through the main ticket sale…and was ready and willing a few minutes before the sale went live…I like thousands of other PokémonGo fans was essentially locked out of the purchasing activities by the flood of scalpers who used bots to flood the ticket sale thereby prevent.ing real people from doing so.

Given the circumstances, I wasn’t about to buy scalped tickets again, but decided to come to Chicago anyway in the hopes that everything else about the event would be as poorly managed as last year. The reason is because last year, in an attempt to prevent a major public relations disaster Niantic opened up the festival to the entire city of Chicago. I was banking on that and it appears that I was at least half right so far.

PokémonGo’s Most a popular YouTuber’s Were Invited by Niantic to All 4 Summer Events

GoFest ’18 Friday Night

Currently I’m sitting in my hotel room writing this after spending a very late night last night roaming the city catching all the cool Pokémon that Niantic released here for the entire city to enjoy. Later on in this post I’ll cover exactly which Pokémon are roaming the streets for the entire city’s enjoyment during the event.

But first I’ll cover some of the details for attendees who were lucky enough to actually procure tickets for themselves.

GoFest Saturday

I talked to quite a few people who attended Saturday’s event and learned what the jist of the event was about. Attendee’s follow a trail which is outlined on the event map shown below. At each habitat they are instructed to catch at least 10 Pokémon. I was told this is a relatively simple task because it was designed for all levels of play.

Event Map

This is the map all ticket holders receive.

GoFest '18 Event Map

Where to Go for Check-in & Niantic’s Published Event Information

This is the main Niantic website  for the event.

Below I’ve provided screenshots for the most important information about the event location, where to check-in and more related to the event’s resources and location. You should be able to click or tap on an image and have it appear in full screen mode to see the detailed information better.

Entrance & Where to Park

Transit Information – Getting to the Park

ADA Handicapped Parking Arrangements

Check-In Information & Guest Services

Ticket Will Call Information & Stations for Nursing Moms

Maps and More Information for Getting There

I don’t know why but I like my information in small chunks which is why I began taking these screenshots as I prepared to leave for Lincoln Park. Later I decided to include them within this post.

Event Entrance via Event Map

Here’s a view of the entrance shown using the event map provided by YouTuber ‘The Trainer Club’ who’s there and reporting updates on his YouTube channel.

Event Entrance via Google Maps

PoGo Fest 18 Entrance on Google Maps

Some Google Street View Photos of the Event Entrance

Another View of the Benjamin Franklin Monument

News Resources

Look for Updates at the Resources Listed Below


Do a search in Twitter using these hashtags to get current information.



Below:  While I Caught Pokémon my Husband Shot Graffiti.

I kinda like this one because it looks a little bit like a Pokémon (I think :-)


YouTuber’s Who are Here & Are Covering GoFest

YouTubers Covering the Event

Reversal and Trainer Tips are my 2 personal favorite PokémonGo YouTubers. The game has garnered a huge number of YouTube devotees however…all with excellent channels.


Trainer Tips

Pokemaster Holly

Although she hasn’t published any GoFest videos yet she was holding the gym closest to my hotel so I know she’s here.


Another favorite PokémonGo YouTuber who Niantic invited to come.

The Trainer Club

I’ve already mentioned him once, but Trainer Club’s information seems to be among the best currently covering the event. He’s produced a lot of up-to-date information on-site about GoFest…albeit…some is inaccurate…always a problem with ‘live’ information. But he takes great pains to update with corrected information ASAP. 

Lifting and Zombies 

I don’t typically follow this YouTuber because I just discovered him but he’s done a nice job explaining the problem with spoofing this event in the form of this Spoofing Guide.

Other Great Resources

CBS Chicago

CBS Chicago provides recent local news coverage of PokémonGo Fest.

The Sliph Road website has a great comments section where people are sharing information.

Wild Pokémon That are Appearing in Abundance Around Chicago

My Hotel internet connection keeps cutting out so I’m having a lot f trouble uploading images, but I’ll keep trying. In the meantime, here’s a list of the Pokémon I’ve been catching a lot of:

  • Treecko
  • Torchic
  • Aaron
  • Minun and there’s a shiny one!
  • Magmar
  • Snowrunt
  • Swablu
  • Loudred
  • Alola version of Geodud
  • Trapinch
  • Walimer
  • Lunatune
  • Slugma
  • Whismur
  • Tangela
  • Alola Form of Digglet
  • Cacnea
  • Carvanha
  • Onix
  • Spoink
  • Shuppet
  • Mudkip
  • Lotad
  • Nosepass
  • Aerodactyle
  • Beldum
  • Cacturne is everywhere.

Someone Said Navy Pier is a Great Place if You Don’t Have a Go Ticket

They weren’t kidding! I’m here right nowand catching so many rares or evolved forms like the Cacturne shown above.


Its taken me months and month but last night I finally finished my first special research quest and I caught Mew!


I don’t know if this what everyone caught but mine seems to have near perfect IV’s. I can’t think of a time when I was more excited playing PokémonGo!


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