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ios Bytes

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I’ve been struggling with how to organize all of the little posts that I write about on ios, and ios 8 for my friends and family.  I’ve decided to collectively call these posts ios Bytes.

What are ios Bytes?

  • ios bytes is a name I came up with for my little ios tips .  Tips that improve user experience for all ios mobile devices including iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch.  Whenever I discover a cool new little feature that I didn’t know about..I make the assumption that there are probably other users out there who might not know about it either.  So I add it here as a Byte.
  • In addition, whenever I encounter a problem that required a lot of my effort to figure out and resolve, but the actual ‘fix’ itself is relatively simple, requiring almost no effort, that too will become an ios Byte that I’ll add here.

How to Find ios Bytes?

Longer ios Bytes that may appear in articles I’ve written will be grouped under the main menu item ios Bytes. These articles are also indexed here under subheadings that better describe their primary category.

Shorter ios Bytes either written by me or other people that I’ve  linked to are grouped together primarily on one webpage called Quick ios 8 Tips & Links  Some of My Favorite ios 8 Tips Articles.  They are also linked to here, a little further down.

Links to Longer ios Byte

Apple logo used for ios Bytes

 Fix Problems Linking to Google Accounts

How to Fix A Problem Uploading Video To YouTube From iMovie App

How To Setup A Gmail Account In The Mail App For ios 8

Apple logo used for ios Bytes

Tips for Using New ios 8 & 9 Features

How To Create A Hotlink In Pages ios 8

Great Little Search Feature Improvement in ios 8 | Spotlight Search Improved

How to Instantly and Permanantly Unsplit the Keyboard

Apple logo used for ios Bytes

App Tips

The Why Behind the New Facebook Messenger App

How To Install the Dashlane Bookmarklet

Dashlane’s New Share Extension

Getty Images has a new app for finding stock photos and just general browsing of amazing photographs.

My all time favorite ios apps

Apple logo used for ios Bytes

Evernote Tips

Easiest Way To Scan into Evernote from an ios Device

Evernote’s New Share Extension & Widget

Fine Grained Use of Evernote’s New Share Extension

How to Change Font Colors and Sizes in Evernote on ios Devices

Links to Short ios Bytes Articles

Some favorite photo editing apps new or updated for ios 8

Some favorite photo editing apps new or updated for ios 8

Apple logo used for ios Bytes

Short ios Bytes

Quick ios 8 Tips & Links | Some of My Favorite ios 8 Tips Articles

The Next Web’s Best Apps for ios 8 April, 2015 Post

Apple logo used for ios Bytes

Future Plans for vsatips Website

My future goal for the ios Bytes organizational plan is twofold:

  • I want to make it easy for readers to find things
  • I’d like to prompt readers to comment and engage where appropriate, thereby giving me feedback for a few longer term goals with this site, which include (arranged in order of priority):
  • Figure out a method for followers to subscribe to to one topic on my website instead of following the entire site of potentially unrelated content
  • Begin to use a commenting system such as Disqus that seems to be well suited to provide engaging conversations between my readers
  • Encourage readers to give me feedback regarding future topics
  • Identify exactly what topics my followers find most helpful and interesting

Please leave any comments or questions here and thanks for visiting!

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