Firefox | How to Review Saved Passwords

Office 211

  • After Downloading Firefox, open the browser and navigate to:
  • Firefox – Tools – Options – Security
  • You can check off the two boxes:
  • Remember passwords for sites
  • Use a master password

If you’ve been using Firefox to save your passwords, you can display them here too:

Click on: Saved Passwords then on the bottom right hand side of the screen click on ‘Show Passwords’ and you will be required to enter your master password again.

It may kind of mush all the columns together, but at the top of the window, you can slid the column headings over to display all three fields.

If you want to print these out to review you’ll need to take screen shots and paste them into something like ‘Microsoft Word’ then print them, then either delete the document you just created and empty the Recycle Bin, or right click on the document and encrypt and save it somewhere.

If you are using Word 2010, when you go to save the document under File, there is a menu option to ‘Protect Document’ which allows you to encrypt it with a password.


For added security, don’t call any document that you are using to save password information in, ‘Passwords’, give it something you’ll recognize but others won’t.

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