Incredible Free Apple Wallpaper Collections | From Mac OS & ios

Above: These incredible collections are free for all users…not just Apple users.


I apologize in advance for this long introduction. It’s long because this post kicks off a new series of articles designed to assist serious iPhone customers in making their decision regarding which of Apple’s newest iPhones they should purchase.

For most readers, this introduction is completely unnecessary. You should skip it and just head on down to the ‘About the Incredible Wallpaperssection.

Anyone who’s considering getting one of the new iPhones…read on.

Apple’s comprehensive new iPhone lineup truly has something for everyone. But with great ideas come the potential for great misunderstandings too. Which is why I tried to create a comprehensive, one-stop shop (if you will) to answer any and all questions about Apple’s newest iPhone lineup. For reasons that will become obvious once you’re into this series, it also includes Apple’s newest Watch 4 too.

This post kicks off the brand new series:

iPhone XS, XS Max or XR…which iPhone should I get?’ My Research & Tips’

I began what should have been a relatively short post about the new iPhone announcements on the day of Apple’s live event, September 12th. Thanks to one iPhone-loving nephew of mine I remembered to attend the event…well, not really attend but view it via the live-stream Apple transmits.

In my own predictable fashion of getting completely immersed in a topic, I’ve continued working almost nonstop on this one post! It’s transformed from a short overview into the actual working document I’m using to pick my first iPhone upgrade (because I joined the iPhone Upgrade Program last year with my purchase of the iPhone X.)

Below: 2 Beautiful Mac Wallpapers I’d Not Seen Before

About 2 weeks ago I ended up sharing my original post with 2 family members who were kind enough to proofread it for me. That was no small undertaking!

I was thinking they would suggest major cuts. Maybe they didn’t because I said, “please don’t tell me to get rid of half of this!” because I really do believe that all this information is important…at least it’s important to me in making my decision…therefore it must be important to at least a smaller subset of Apple iPhone customers.

I was very pleasantly surprised when neither suggested that (thereby ignoring my warning completely, which frankly, is a common occurrence in our household!) I was even more pleased when my 20-something, Android loving and ‘well written‘ son said that he thought it was a good article and he wouldn’t cut a thing. In reality, he did suggest one cut. I discovered this as I read through his notes, which conveniently was after he left, bound for his out-of-state home. My typically ‘cut-heavy’ husband also agreed!

Both of them did suggest one thing however. It was the same thing too. They suggested that I split up the massive amount of content into many smaller posts.

That is a great suggestion! It’s one that you’re getting to benefit from, beginning with this post. Because this post kicks off my new series.

About the Incredible (and almost complete) Collections of Apple Wallpapers

Without a doubt, Apple has had some of the most incredible and intricate wallpapers of any computing device known. Unlike Windows computers which many times maintain the same sets of graphics for many years running, Apple doesn’t keep theirs around. As soon as a new operating system is launched old wallpapers seemed to be ‘deep-sixed’.

So many times I’ve seen something that reminded me of one of the old ones that I used to use and which I’ve randomly searched for in vain time and time again.

image 2025

ios Wallpapers

There are about as many ways to download images as there are devices themselves. Since vsatips is primarily about Apple mobile devices, I wanted to make sure that those users know how to download these wallpapers in the best way possible. So a little further down the page I’ve written a quick tutorial on exactly that.

If you want to know why I bothered to go to all that trouble there are two reasons primarily. The first is that it actually is a little tricky. While you can easily download them or take screenshots of them, that doesn’t guarantee that you get the best resolution. The second reason is because personally I’ve always harbored strong feelings and attachments to some of my oldest wallpapers.

The iOS wallpapers are some of my all-time favorites. After all, who do you know that isn’t married to their cell phones these days? We all got into that habit pretty early. So if that old adage, familiarity breeds contempt were really true (which I’ve always contended is not the case,) we wouldn’t all have such a fondness for those things which harbor the greatest nostalgia in us…i.e favorite old iPhone wallpapers.

I only bring this up because the creator of this amazing collection isn’t a retired baby boomer at all, but rather someone you might think would have been one of the most unlikely to have done so.

The collection creator’s name is Evgenii Bogun. He’s an 18-year-old art and design student in Moscow! He goes by the Reddit handle of nucleam.


According to the Cult of Mac author Luke Dormehl, who actually managed to track him down and interview him…

Bogun told Cult of Mac that he only got his first Apple products in 2013, but said that he wanted to produce a comprehensive archive of older wallpapers due to the fact that, “Apple has [the] best wallpapers among other companies, and people generally have some memories associated with wallpapers they had at a time.”  

The images have been compiled from a variety of sources, including wallpaper packs already online to ones downloaded from older systems directly. The collection isn’t quite complete.

“There are some wallpapers I’d like to have,” Bogun said. He’s missing a few from iOS 6, and some of the classic versions of Mac OS (as it was styled before the current macOS) wallpapers are also absent. “Readers can support albums by sending wallpapers that are not in the album or in better quality,” he said.

Mac OS X Wallpapers

It just so happens that we still have a relatively early model iMac. It’s still setup and it runs. In case you’re wondering…no one really uses it anymore but I’ve always loved that computer…it was our very first Mac. I kept it in part because it’s worth nothing to anyone else today and scrapping it just seems wrong!

Also, I had the idea that I could use it to learn about how Macs are built…which I tried to do somewhat when I upgraded the memory. But it turns out that iMacs aren’t great for that purpose. I think it’s because it’s form factor makes it impossible to see inside the machine. iMacs are basically composed of a few circuit boards which sort-of slide out of this slot.

I bring this up because our old iMac could prove to be invaluable as a wallpaper resource. I examined each wallpaper collection carefully and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. Seeing so many old wallpapers brought back many happy memories!

But I also noticed that this collection is missing some very old favorites of my families.

How Legal Are These Collections?

It’s unclear what the actual legal status of any Apple wallpaper collection offered for download to the public is. In the strictest sense, Apple could say that users don’t have the right to freely distribute content they create. However, it’s a practice that’s gone on for decades, and to my knowledge Apple has never made any attempt to curtail it.

In my opinion (imo,) Apple benefits from this free publicity and for all I know these images are considered ‘in the public domain’ in some instances because of their age, or in others because of the ways they’ve been redistributed for years and years.

But what the true legalities are is in question. So, I recommend that anyone who’s interested in downloading some or all of these wallpapers, do so sooner rather than later. You never know if or when they might disappear completely, and once they are in your possession they are essentially yours to do with what you will!

How to Contribute to Evgenii Bogun’s Effort

Providing better resolution wallpapers or missing wallpapers is one important way you can support the creator. However, you can also support the wallpaper collection’s creator, who’s also know as Reddit user nucleam, by making a Paypal donation. You’ll see the notice below immediately upon entering each collection.

Donate to PayPal to support this wallpaper collection

In addition to operating system wallpapers these collections also include Apple graphics for many of their special campaigns, such as the one below.

Tips to Download Archival Wallpapers

Part 1 | Viewing the wallpapers in a browser on mobile ios devices is tricky (this probably also pertains to people who are on most mobile devices!)

There are as many different ways of capturing web images as there different types of devices. Since vsatips is primarily a site about Apple mobile devices I want to make sure that users of ios devices know the absolute best way of downloading images using ios devices.

If you want to download these images in the highest resolutions possible using a mobile device such as an iPad or a cellphone follow these steps.

First, note the words in the blue box towards the bottom of the first screen you’ll arrive it, depicted in the screenshot below. It says:

Open In App


No wallpapers will be displayed for you in mobile view because Google Photos wants you to download the Google Photos app and to view the wallpapers using their app. But it’s much easier to download the wallpapers from within the Safari browser. Also, unless you actually use Google Photos you’d be downloading an app that you really won’t use again.

Important Note:

Google Photos is aggressive…I didn’t realize how aggressive until I started working on this with perhaps my 4th iPad.  I wasn’t even shown the above ‘Open App’ message.  It just opened the Google Photos app!

If that happens to you the fastest thing to do (rather than trying to figure out how to change some G. Photos Settings for example) is to delete the Google Photos app!  I had to do that on two iPad’s in order to even get to the place where I could initiate Desktop View…which is my next top below.

Below:  Mac OS Wallpaper Gallery of Some of My Favorite Wallpapers

Tip to Bypass Google Photos App & Make Wallpapers Visible to Mobile Devices

You need to switch to Desktop View in order to view or download any wallpapers. This method will also assure that you download the images in the highest resolution possible too.

Refer once again to the screenshot further up above. The purple arrow demonstrates how to switch to Desktop View. You do so by tapping on the Share Icon (the little box with the arrow in the upper right corner) and scrolling the display that opens until you see the menu item ‘Request Desktop View.’ Tap on that and your display will shift to Desktop View.

You should see something similar to the screenshot shown below.


Note that now you can see all the wallpapers, despite the fact that you’re using a mobile device.

You can download the images now just as if you were using a computer!

Part 2 | Actually downloading a wallpaper

The next step is to tap on any wallpaper. It will open in a second dedicated screen that looks like the one below. In the top right hand corner you’ll see a three dot menu. Tapping on it will open a menu which finally has the ‘Downloadcommand.


When you tap on the word Download you’ll be taken to the third and final screen. Below is an example of that screen…it’s the third and final screen. It’s also the actual download screen.

If you follow the instructions on the screenshot and long press anywhere in that screenshot and eventually the words ‘Save Image‘ should appear. You may need to try long pressing several times, because it’s finicky on ios devices.


If long pressing just won’t work for you there’s a second way to save the image. It involves using the Share Icon again. Tap on the Share Icon in the upper right hand corner and scroll through the bottom loose of commands until you find the ‘Save Image‘ one…see below.

Save image from Share icon


Gorgeous Free Non-Apple Wallpapers

UnSplash is a Great Site to Get Free Beautiful & Contemporary Images for Use as Wallpapers

As a blogger I’m always on the lookout for free images to use on my websites. A year or two ago Unsplash entered the scene. It’s completely changed this task from an effort-based one into a pleasurable one because their images are gorgeous!

The way it works is this. Amazing photographers from all around the world submit their favorite images to Unsplash AND make them freely available for use by the public under Creative Commons laws. Then the general public can come and search their database for the images they need…and no user account is required!

Unsplash reminds you that it’s not necessary to credit individual photographers, but it’s always appreciated, and they provide you with a fast and easy way to do so. So whenever I download images from there, I always attach a small text file with the photographer’s name.

Below: A Sampling of the Wallpapers You’ll Find at UnSplash

image 2043img_5831

Links to Additional Information

I’ve compiled a list of several other websites that reported the news of this great new archive in July 2018 when the news broke, for anyone who’s interested  in seeking out more in-depth information.

There are also links to a few other sites which offer different archives. The ones from iDownloadBlog and 512Pixel are of particular interest imo. They’ve commissioned an artist to re-render various Mac OS wallpapers so they can be used on iPhones.

CNET’S  Get all the wallpapers for all the versions of iOS and MacOS in history

512Pixel’s  Every Default macOS Wallpaper – in Glorious 5K Resolution

MacRumor’s  Archive Offers Up All Past Mac and iOS Wallpapers

iDownloadBlog’s  MacOS Wallpaper for iPhone

iDownloadBlog’s  artist renderings of Mac OS Mojave for iPhones


Apple News

Apple is set to host a keynote on October 30 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

New iPad announcements are expected. Macs and iPads are expected to take up most of the stage time but hopefully predictions of new AirPods, AirPower and an iPad mini will come true too.

9 to 5 Mac’s New iPad Pro Rendered

Below:  9 to  5 Mac’s Artist Rendering of the Expected New iPad ProLatest arenders Show the 2018 iPad Pro Designs


Please leave any comments a little further down the page…by my bio.

Affiliate Disclosure

I’m an affiliate with Amazon & Apple iTunes.

My Affiliate Disclosure


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Beginner’s Guide | Find the Best Headphones Using Headfonica Headphone Selector

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash


With the advent of Apple’s iPhone 7 and Google’s Pixel 2 it appears that more and more cellphone makers are opting to no longer include headphone jacks with their newest models of cellphones. Whether or not this trend is going to continue is anyone’s guess. Some of the top Android phone makers still do include them…notably, Samsung and LG.

Users however are flocking to both Apple’s newest iPhone’s which include the XS, XS Max and XR, as well as Google’s newest Pixel 3 lineup, and neither of these cutting edge models feature headphone jacks. Which means, the wireless headphone and earbud markets are booming.

Whether or not you’re seeking wireless headphones or your very first ‘audiophile’ quality fones, you’ll be in for a bit of surprise when you discover just how complex and time-consuming finding the right set of headphones has become.

Which is why, when I discovered an awesome new tool that can dramatically simplify and speed up the selection process, I decided to write a post about it.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Get Down to Basics First

Before I get to discussing the tool that’s the main focus of this post however, I’d like to introduce a few other great resources I ran across.

TechCrunch’s In 2018 the Headphone Jack is a Rare Beast

TechCrunch offers some great insight into this new trend.

TechCrunch Article

Digital Music News Lists all of the mobile phones which don’t include headphone jacks.

Digital Music News List is filled with annoying ads, so I’ve made a clean screenshot of their list shown below.

DigitalTrends List

Audiophile 101 The Beginner Guide to Headphones & Hi-Res Audio by Headphone Zone.

Audiophile 101

Too Much Audio Mumbo Jumbo? Read Audiophile 101

Audiophile 101 is an amazing resource created by Headphone Zone. Headphone Zone is a site that was conceived of with the aim of catering to India’s enthusiastic audiophile community by bringing them the best listening gear, be it headphones, earphones or audio accessories. While the site is geared towards providing a comprehensive, one-stop shop for headphones to the citizens of India, it can’t really be utilized here in the U.S., their educational materials are highly appropriate, very well executed and extremely useful to anyone wanting to get up to speed quickly.


Headfonica Headphone Selector

The Main Event | Searching for Your Best Headphones with Headfonica

What is Headfonica?

Headfonica appears on the surface to be a very simple site, but the power behind it’s engine is far from simple. From a shoppers viewpoint however, it couldn’t be simpler. In addition to offering a great tool that helps you drill down to the best headphones for your unique needs, it also offers quick, in-app instruction for all the terminology used by the selection engine.

How to Use Headfonica’s Headphone Selector

Go to Headfonica’s Headphone Selection tool.

To begin using the headphone selecting tool, you start by choosing the type of listening device you’re seeking, closed, open or earbud. You’ll find a discussion of what the difference between open and closed is in the Audiophile’s Chapter 9.

The next 2 Steps are easy. Chose your price range and the kind of music you listen to most frequently.

Then you’ll need to indicate whether or not you like a lot of bass or just the average amount of bass.

Last you need to indicate whether or not you’ll be providing a separate Amp which you’ll attach to the headphones, or utilizing the amp the headphones provide. I suspect, as a beginner choosing a headphone with an included amp is best…but I’m no expert! So you may want to peruse Audiophile 101’s Chapter 2  or read up a bit more on amps at Digital Trend’s What’s a Headphone Amp and Why Would I Need One first.

Photo by Mpumelelo Macu on Unsplash

Photo by Mpumelelo Macu on Unsplash

What Happen’s Next?

After all your selections have been made, the Headphone selector will present you with a short list of headphones that meet your criteria. If you click on one them you’ll be taken to Amazon’s listing for that model, where you can read more about that specific headphone’s features and user reviews. It also might not hurt to read some of the questions and answers too. This is generally the process I use for almost any tech purchase I make from Amazon.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection to the top headphone set for your needs you can decide whether or not to purchase them directly from Amazon or another vendor of your choice. If you end up using a different online vendor, you can scroll back up to the top and copy the exact model name and any identifying information which you can then use to paste into Google or your preferred vendor’s search tool to locate the exact same pair.

Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash


That’s it! Utilizing Headfonica’s headphone selection tool can reduce your search from a number of days to a number of hours! It’s pretty amazing!!!


You can leave comments and questions a little further down the page.

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How to Add Nondestructive Borders to Images on ios Using Pixelmatorl

What’s a Nondestructive Border?

Most photo apps that have tools for creating borders or frames end up removing a portion of the image in order for their frame to occupy that space. But that’s not necessary, and I don’t usually want to have any of my image removed! A nondestructive border or frame is one that wraps around the outer perimeter of the image rather than encroaching upon it.

Comparison of nondestructive and destructive borders.

For Some Inexplicable Reason Very Few Photo Editing Apps Have Nondestructive Tools

I had been using one app for this for several years but the developer abandoned it and when ios 10 came out it no longer worked. So I had to find an alternative!

I do have one great alternative to use when I need to add borders to many image at once…it’s called OneEdit Pro and it’s one of my favorite apps! I’ve both written about it here before and I’ve even done Youtube videos about it. But sometimes I just want to frame one single image.

While I could use OneEdit for that, it will degrade the resolution of my image somewhat. That’s OK for the many images I use on my websites…in fact it’s what I want! Because I need to make my image files sizes small so that my page load times are good.

But usually when I’m working with just one image I don’t want the resolution changed much if  at all.

Meet Pixelmator for ios

Pixelmator is an amazing app for anyone who’s creative. Pixelmator  is the second photo editing tool that I use every single day. I call it Photoshop for iPads because it does pretty much everything that Photoshop does.

I think Pixelmator is $1.99 now…but I can’t say for sure because when Apple redid the App Store they changed how the price displays and if you own an app you can no longer see its price.

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How to Create a New Folder in Pages ios 12

Apple's support page describes how to add a new folder

Apple’s support page describes how to add a new folder


I’ve been using Pages for many years and I love the power of it combined with its simplicity. That’s saying a lot…because I had been a diehard Microsoft Word user. I really didn’t think anything could change that.

As  life intervened I shifted to primarily using iPads for my work. This was still before Word for iPad even existed!

Incidentally, now that Word for ios does exist…it’s the bomb! And by that I mean it’s great! It’s super easy to get started using and it’s powerful!

I quickly became a Word Processing aficionado for ios. Mainly because there weren’t really any good ones back then. I wrote a lot…even back then…so, I was determined to discover any hidden gems. Sadly…that never happened.

Good Word Processors did finally arrive on the scene…but they were from the big players that you’d expect. So where there was once a dearth of good Word Processing Apps for iPad…now there are probably a few too many. Yet, even with all the great choices, I still really love Pages!

Some Handy Links for Pages & Word Processing

Apple’s Online Support Pages for ios 

Pages 4.1 New Features

How to Remove Red Lines Under Misspelled Words in Pages

My Overview of Word Processing Apps for ios

Advanced Tips for Pages

How to Add A New Folder in Pages

Personally I liked the old method of creating a new folder in Pages better. There was just one problem with it. The older method required you to have at least 2 documents to put into the new folder. That was mainly because you needed to smush those 2 documents together to create a new folder…the new method let’s you only put 1 document into the newly created folder.

Intuitively I figured there would be a + somewhere for me to use to create the New Folder…and in the end I discovered that I was correct in my assumption. But no + for that purpose could be found…anywhere. I literally spent 15 minutes trying to find it before deciding to use an iPad that’s still on ios 10 to accomplish the task (using the smush method ;-) Which I did and it was faster than my trying to use Google to find the answer.

The solution is so simple…but a bit infuriating too!  Please refer to my screenshot below for the answer.

Below:  The trick to create a new folderThe trick to create a new folder

It’s infuriating because Apple is constantly doing things like that! Things like hiding important commands or tools behind a view that is intentionally presented to the user with those elements hidden out of sight.

Why?  I have no idea, but I suspect it’s that kind of behavior that so angers many Android users and causes them to conclude that Apple is arrogant. I mean…it’s kind of a dick move truthfully. I NEVER use that kind of language, but in this instance it seems like the best, maybe even the only way to describe it. I finally ‘get’ just a little bit why there are hoard’s of Android users who lose it and exhibit such over-the-top hostility towards Apple.

So…that’s one good thing to come out of this frustrating experience…I finally understand something I’ve been puzzled by for years. There’s quite possibly another good thing too.

I’ll never again forget how to add a new folder to Pages!


Pease leave any comments or questions a little further down the page.


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