Inexpensive iPad Pro 11 Sleeves with Pencil Storage

My Favorite Sleeve for the 10.5” iPad Pro My favorite sleeve for the 10.5” iPad Pro with my husbands new 11” iPad Pro inside.


Apple’s newest 11″ iPad Pro May be expensive (over $2000 for the 1 TB sim enabled version along with the new Apple Pencil) but a new case for daily use needn’t be. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to use folio style or keyboard cases like we are, an iPad sleeve is the perfect non-case. It provides protection while carrying your iPad around with you and when you arrive somewhere and want to use it you just slide your iPad out and use it in all of its pristine, ‘uncased’ glory.

A simple sleeve is truly the best of both worlds…protection when you need it and an unencumbered case-less iPad when you don’t.

Finding the Perfect Inexpensive Sleeve at Amazon

Both my husband and myself are in the midst of getting the newest 11″ iPad Pro along with the new Apple Pencil 2…and we need sleeve-type cases relatively quickly. With the addition of needing to house the Apple Pencil too, our choices are much more limited. So I’m compiling a shortlist of my favorites from Amazon for us to choose between. Because Amazon has always been where we’ve found this type of case in the past.

Finite Sleeve for 11″ iPad Pro $11.99-12.99

This design is a new one to me. It looks well thought out.

Toovren Trifold Stand & Sleeve $23.99

This unique Toovren sleeve is on the high-end of prices for our ‘inexpensive category’ but it makes up for that in its ingenious functions.

Pinhen’s Ultra Simple Sleeve $12.98

Although Pinhen’s Sleeve says it’s made for the 2017 iPad Pro, I know for a fact that it works just fine with this years new 11″ model because I own it in pink, although the pink version is no longer sold. IMO it’s the ultimate in terms of simplicity.

Tuscum’s PU Leather Sleeve $12

This last sleeve is also virtually identical to my pink Pinhen model. I’m including it for the different color options (i.e. pink and off-white.)


Amazon’s iPad Pro Case Storefront

Oftentimes Amazon sets up little storefronts within their bigger online shopping website. These can be great it you know when and where to look for them. A perfect example is this iPad Pro Case Store Front which I only discovered towards the end of my search! You can reach the storefront here.

I’m An Amazon Affiliate

That means I earn a tiny commission if someone buys a product I recommend. You can read more of the details about it in the screenshot below.

Affiliate disclosure

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Fix a Missing Print icon in Safari ios 12 | HP Printer’s Tap to Print App is a Total Scam

Updated October 2019

Our old and new HP Printers

Above: So far we love our new HP 7855 Envy. The 7500a it replaced was a disappointment from day one.


Recent changes HP has made to their ios apps have caused a lot of confusion about which app to use as well as introduced a bogus app that’s ripping off tons of HP and Apple customers.

What may be worse is that unless you’re very careful in your app selection you will be shelling out over $150 a year for nothing and you’ll lose basic Apple features like the ability to print or create PDF’s from within Safari.

This article describes how to avoid these unnecessary charges and provides a link to the correct HP App too use. I also show you how to restore the Print command in Safari.

Why the Missing Print Icon is a Big Deal

This is a big problem because I use Apple’s awesome Print to PDF utility all the time. If you’re unfamiliar, that gives you the fastest way to save an entire webpage. I generally save webpages as PDF’s in Apple notes but you can save them anywhere you like.

If you need to learn how to use Apple’s great utility for saving webpages you can read my article which  teaches you how to turn any webpage into a PDF that you can save offline using the Safari Print command.

But I can’t do this without the Print utility!


1 Quick Tip  

For Getting the Print Command Back Quickly

Use the Share Extension (where you’d normally find the Print command) to select

Request Desktop Site

Even if you think you’ve done this before…try it again. 90% of the time when I apply this one change the Print Command RETURNS!


This is the fastest way to fix missing print icon

This is the fastest way to fix missing print icon

I First Experienced the Missing Print Command the Day We Bought a New HP Envy Printer

Our HP Quick Start Instructions to set up the new printer had 2 bar codes to scan. I scanned the first one and it trook me to what ended up being a SCAM APP called TAP TO PRINT. This app appears to be an HP app but it’s not. From what I can tell the app’s developer has no connection to HP whatsoever. The fact that I downloaded this app directly from HP’s own printer documentation has not gone unnoticed! It also begs the question…

HP…Why Do You Allow a Scam App on Your QuickStart Printer Guide?

In What Ways is ‘Tap to Print’ a Scam?

Let me count the ways.

  1. The app misrepresented itself as being by HP and aggressively took over everything related to the setup and management of our new printer.
  2. The app didn’t say it was a subscription based app that cost $15 a month!
  3. The app secretly placed me on a subscription despite having deleted it right after realizing my mistake.
  4. The app removes the Print command from Safari
  5. The app gets awful reviews because apparently it doesn’t even work well.
  6. Interspersed between the real 1 star reviews are many fake 5 star reviews
  7. When you try to visit the apps support site it’s nonexistent.
  8. When you try to contact the developer there’s no way to do so.

More Information About HP’s Bogus App ‘Tap to Print

It’s unclear to me if HP even knows that they are causing this widespread problem by their including a link to this Tap to Print company who’s clear purpose in life is to rip off customers. Sadly, it’s not just HP that’s involved.

It became obvious to me when reading about the app at the Apple App Store that this app is being marketed to owners of many different brands of printers. You can refer to the screenshot below to see all the printer brands that this scam is targeting.

Below is a screenshot showing what the app looks like in the App Store.

Here’s a link to the app too…but PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Don’t download it or you run the risk of starting the $15.83 per month subscription. I’m providing the link purely for research purposes…not for downloading!

Below is a screenshot showing the webpage you arrive at when you click on the ‘Developer’s Website‘ in the App Store description.

Last, here’s a screenshot of the apps most recent reviews. Close analysis will reveal one or 2 terrible reviews and then 4 or 5 perfect ones. One clue that the perfect ones are bogus is that they are always all written on the exact same day!

Tap and Print’s developer appears to be from Japan. His name is Fedor Baznat. This only appears to be his 2nd app. But it’s been a highly successful one for him!

Since Tap and Print came out in January he’s made $70,000 in profits*! Not bad for an app that doesn’t work and that stopped being  updated 4 months ago!!!”

*According to App Stats Service Sensor Tower

Which HP App Should You Use?

There is only one HP App now that serves all of the main functions you used to need several apps for. Needless to say (I hope) is that it’s free (as are all Hp apps!)  If you install this app, the correct app, you won’t ever experience the disappearance of the Apple’s Printer icon! Because it’s the over aggressiveness of the scam app as well as HP’s lesser quality apps that works to block Apple’s stock Print utility.

The app you want is HP Smart by HP. Below is a screenshot of it.

HP Smart replaces HP’s old ePrint & HP All-in-One Printer Remote Apps. Both of these apps have been discontinued however if you owned the ePrint one previously you can still download it.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing that ePrint app with another one which is still available for sale. It’s called HP ePrint Enterprise. The reason you don’t want that one is because of all the horrible reviews AND because if you have it on your devices it blocks Apple’s Print function from appearing!

Using HP’s Smart App Should Guarantee that You Never Lose the Print Function

How to Restore the Print Icon

The easiest ways to do this is to search for any errant or scam Print apps and deleting them. The easiest way to do that is to use your ios devices Spotlight Search Utility. Here’s how:

Spot Light Search

Simply swipe down from about the middle of any Home screen and you should see something like this:

Then try searching using words that hopefully are familiar to you and your device…like Print or Printer apps or HP into the search bar.

Hopefully any Print Apps you have will be listed below like these:

If there’s an app that’s actually on your device, but it’s hard to find because it’s in a folder you can find the name of the folder using this technique too:

Once you find any offending app just delete it. Don’t worry, you can always reinstall it if need be.

Check Safari Again After Any & All Superfluous Print Apps are Deleted

Here’s what my Safari Share Extension menu looked like before and after I deleted HP’s ePrint Enterprise App today, which ended up being the cause of my problem today.

If you’re still having problems finding it, make sure that you scroll all the way to the end of the bottom menu in the Share Extension and tap on the three dots which opens another longer menu of everything that could appear there. Check to make sure that Print isn’t just unchecked or hiding which would prevent it from appearing in the menu…see below.

How to Report an App to the App Store

It’s really easy to report any app to Apple’s App Store. Of course it’s a good idea to leave a lousy review for the app too. But the easiest way to report it to Apple is to use their ‘Report a Problem‘ webpage.

You can use this same reporting feature to ask for  refund if you were taken in by this app the way that I was. You can even go to Apple’s main support page and request that a support person call you and then request a refund in person. I mention this only because it appears several Apple users didn’t get refunded because they didn’t know where to ask for a refund. The phone support option I think works best in this scenario.

I’m an Amazon Affiliate

You can read about what that means in the following screenshot.

Affiliate disclosure

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How to Search a Whole Website Using Google


The new 10.5”iPad Pro
Above: Apple’s New iPad Pro’s


One day last week my husband told me he’d searched a website for something. To say I was surprised would be an understatement! Because, I’m the tech person now in our empty-nested 2 person household. Yet I didn’t know that it was possible to search an entire website for one little thing. My own website for example has hundreds of posts and pages,,,.certainly no one could search through all that quickly and easily.  That’s why I continue to house my somewhat unsightly but infinitely useful side menu system (which is in addition to the top menu…and also essentially identical to it!) Yet seeing how ungainly it’s become makes me cringe!

My husband and I argued for a while when I finally learned that he hadn’t really done that. I’m almost to embarrassed to tell you that was a big relief  for me because it means I continue to know more than he does about tech stuff. But the thought stayed with me.

Today I had occasion to need this exact capability so I decided to find out once and for all if this is really possible. And if it is possible, is it possible using an iPad?

That 2nd question is important because as many of my regular readers know, I use an iPad for pretty much everything I do online…which is a lot! Because of that I know for a fact that an iPad can never replace a computer…at least not easily, that is. Despite Apple’s increasing claims to the contrary.

Find a word on a webpage on iPad

What is easily done however using an ios device, is to search a webpage for a specific word or phrase.

I learned today that it’s equally easy to search a whole website for that word or phrase! Even more impressive is that this isn’t limited to just ios devices…

Anyone Can Do It!!!

Here’s How to Search a Whole Website for a Word or a Phrase

Simply pull up a Google search bar and enter this into the search bar:


the site name

the search word or phrase 

It occurred to me that what this is doing is essentially Googling within a website…which is pretty cool I think!

Putting it All Together

site:the site name the search word or phrase

A Real World Example

Today I wanted to search my 93 year old Dad’s website for his story recounting the worst inflation his family had ever experienced. This occurred before he was born in post World War I Germany.

As you can see from the screenshot a little further down, the way that Dad’s site is organized is that he uses menus for main categories of information. That means that when I’m searching for something in his website I need to open each category’s menu and scan through it. This can be time consuming and oftentimes I scan right past what I’m looking for.

My 92 year old Dad's website.

You may also notice that Dad doesn’t have a search bar in his website. That’s something I’ve suggested to him…but let’s face it…at 93 years old he sometimes struggles just to keep creating new content and getting it posted to the right place!  So, maybe when I’m visiting during Thanksgiving I’ll try to figure out how to do that for him.

But I digress…lets get on with my search.

While on his homepage I just scroll to the top of the page where my Google search bar is located. Currently it has his homepage information preloaded in the search bar which makes it super easy for me to add the remaining bits of information to.

adding site: to Dad's web address

As you can see by the following Google search results I hit the jackpot.

The Google Search results for my query.

I’m pretty shocked to see how many search results are all from Dad’s site! Apparently he’s written quite a lot on the subject of inflation!  It’s the first search result that’s the one I need…a story called ‘Inflation at it’s Worst.’ 

Dad's article about the worst inflation he's ever heard of in modern times

When I click on it, it takes me to Dad’s fascinating article (shown below) on what may well be the worst inflation that’s ever occurred in modern times!

So it Works!!

I guess I need to give my husband partial credit for even knowing that this was possible to do ;-)


Please leave any comments or questions by scrolling a little further down the page.

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Find AT&T’s New Private WiFi App | Find All AT&T Links

Apple's new iPhone XR

 The Private WiFi app only runs on cellphones.


Apple’s got a brand new App Store…sadly despite all the shiny new bells and whistles you still can’t actually search for an app within the App Store. What I mean to say is…you can, search, that is…just don’t expect to actually find what you’re looking for.

Dumb me, I assumed that the Apple’s App Store overhaul had something to do with fixing the broken search feature!

The broken App Store search utility is  just one aspect that makes finding AT&T’s new Private WiFi app difficult if not impossible. Other’s include the fact that literally no one has ever heard of it…it’s that new. It appears that AT&T doesn’t really want customers to find the app either…at least that’s how it seems. I’ll talk about this more in a little while.

First, I want to share the little bit that I do know about this app and how we discovered it.

Apple's new is App Store All New ios App Store Lacks a Basic Feature…the Ability to Search for and Find an App

Discovering AT&T’s New Private WiFi App

We recently switched our cellular plan from a family plan to a business one with AT&T.  AT&T texted us shortly after we made the switch that we were now eligible to use their Private WiFi app. They discussed the app a little but it was unclear to us from what they texted what we’d really use the app for. From all we could tell the app was designed to possibly create a cellular hot spot…and/or to possibly provide a free VPN. So I began to look for the app.  That’s when discovered that despite Apple having completely overhauled their ios App Store earlier this year, you still can’t actually find anything when you search within it.

My Expanded Search for the Private WiFi App

Taking this recent development as a challenge, I set out in earnest  to find AT&T’s elusive app online. What I found instead was that AT&T published a webpage that discusses how to use their Private WiFi app and it’s feature…but they failed to include links to the apps (there’s an Android version too) that you need to use these features in this article too.

Next I made another discovery.  Apparently AT&T has created a new user forum. They seemed to be strongly encouraging customers to use it. So I created a user account there and posted a question to the forum. As of two days later the only forum response I received was a question from someone about what the new app does and who might be eligible or use it.

Below:  The question posted in the forum

My AT&T Forum question

Upon leaving the forum I happened upon a link to their business plans. There I found a lot more information about the fact that they do have a Private WiFi Feature…but once again was disappointed to learn that the links themselves weren’t included.

But I did find a site map. And the site map had a link to AT&T apps! I didn’t want to get too excited but it was going on half an hour that I’d wasted so it was hard not to.

Here’s a link to the webpage that has all of AT&T’s apps.

When you arrive at this webpage you need to decide which of 4 categories the app you’re seeking is in (see below.) I guessed that Private WiFi would fall under the category of ‘Stay Connected.’

Apparently I was wrong!

Below are the apps which appear in the ‘Stay Connected‘ section.

Next I tried the section called ‘Protect and Secure‘…thinking that because the Private WiFi Feature includes a VPN, it might be considered a security app.

Apparently I was wrong again!

So, while the link above to all AT&T apps is a great find, it doesn’t have the one app I need! If anyone knows what that link is, I’d greatly appreciate your leaving a comment a little further down the page for both me and all of my readers. Thanks in advance!

I finally Found the Private WiFi App!

Geez…AT&T didn’t make it easy! After discovering AT&T’s webpages with all of their apps, I grew skeptical that those really were all of their apps. It just didn’t seem like enough imo. So I decided to check in with the app store to the verify. There ‘weren’t as many as I thought there would be but then I discovered more AT&T apps by a completely different developer.

Link to the Private WiFi App

The link was finally provided to me by someone answering my post in the forum.

I’m very appreciative of Gary Lapointe taking the time to supply me an actual link to the app. Because, although I found it, I was not able to find an actual link I to it!  It’s the oddest thing, but once I found the app, I discovered that Apple does not supply a link to it from it’s Share icon. I’ve never before run across an app that’s ‘for sale’ with no sharing link provided. This is a first for me! When you use the Share icon you’re just taken to the plain text ‘Private WiFi‘ with no hotlink.

Here’s the link to the app…hopefully you don’t lose it!

The Private WiFi App

AT&T’s main app developer is called AT&T Services, Inc. My earlier instructions to find the app were to search for this app developer in the App Store and then to scan through all of their apps to find it. Having the real link is much easier :-)  A little further down I added screenshots of the app in both the ios App Store and in Google Play, as well as a link to the Android app which was much easier to find.

Below are all of the apps by AT&T Services

There are more apps for AT&T by the app developer called Persource. It looks like Persource might be an app developer for a Private apps. It also looks like AT&T has a lot of apps here, so if my guess is correct they’ve held a lot of events!

Below are some of the AT&T apps by Persource.

Persource Apps

But there’s great news for anyone who’s managed to get through this all so far! I finally found the Private WiFi app!! It was amongst all of the AT&T Service, Inc. Apps!!! I must have missed it the first time.

Below:  How the Private WiFi app appears in the App Store.The Private WiFi App!

Private Wi-Fi by AT&T Services, Inc.

What’s AT&T’s Private WiFi App All About?

Private WiFi is a relatively new app AT&T created for their Business accounts. If the app is installed on a cellphone using an AT&T’s Business Unlimited Data Account, whenever that cellphone enters a new WiFi area, the app scans the network to see if it’s secured and if any insecure elements impact the network. If they do, or if any network appears insecure in any way, Private WiFi will route all your network traffic through a VPN that’s created when the app is first installed. The user will receive a notification telling them they are utilizing the VPN and that the WiFi they’ve joined isn’t secure otherwise.

The screenshot below shows how users setup the VPN when the app is installed.

Testing Out Private WiFi the First Time

I noticed after I installed and setup the app that I received a notification on my cellphone telling me our home WiFi was secure. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but today we were out running errands and in one store my cellular network   disappeared.  I searched for and found a guest network which I joined. Shortly after that I received a notification that my phone was now networked using AT&T’s VPN.

I was playing PokemonGo and it was Community Day, so there were lots of things for me to do. I was pretty amazed at how fast the VPN was! And how seamless the whole experience was. Automatically having the VPN kick into action is a pretty brilliant feature, making the free VPN infinitely more useful! While I’m sad that Private WiFi doesn’t create a hot spot… because that’s a feature we don’t have with our plan, I’m thrilled with the new VPN feature…especially because it’s free*.

*Right after publishing this I was cleaning up screenshots and things and discovered that maybe Private WiFi isn’t free after all? See the screenshots below…

Screenshots of the Private WiFi ios & Android Apps

Finding a link to the Android version of the app isn’t nearly as problematic as finding the ios version is. But I’ll still share it there just to hopefully save someone some time.

Link to the Android Version of the Private WiFi App

Below:  Screenshot of the Android version with reviews in Google Play


Maybe  Private WiFi isn't Free After All?



Please leave any comments or questions a little further down the page.

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