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Fix a Missing Print icon in Safari ios 12 | HP Printer’s Tap to Print App is a Total Scam

Recent changes HP has made to their ios apps have caused a lot of confusion about which app to use as well as introduced a bogus app that’s ripping off tons of HP and Apple customers. This article describes how to avoid these unnecessary charges and provides a link to the correct HP App too use. I also show you how to restore the Print command in Safari. Continue reading

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How to Create a New Folder in Apple’s Files App ios 12

Pages 4.1 is great except for 1 new feature. Adding a new folder can be outright infuriating when it used to be so simple! Thankfully I both figured it out as well as found out where Apple writes about this in their support documentation. Continue reading

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Find Any Apple Link…Apps, Books, Media…even without an Apple Device!

Apple’s Link Builder allows anyone to find a link to any Apple content in most countries Apple does business. It’s pretty amazing! Continue reading

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Fix an Apple Notes Problem Where the Default Switches to the ‘On My iPad’ Notebook

One day all of my Apple Notes just disappeared and there was only one Notebook that displayed in the Notes app. It was the ‘On My iPad’ Notebook. What was worse was that this occurred on all my ios devices! This post is my saga about how I finally fixed the problem. Continue reading

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