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Review & History of Word Processing Apps for iPad & iPhone

Introduction I wrote this when the Microsoft Word App was first launched in 2016. Today I was trying to get a handle on all the cloud services I use and I was curious about what was stored on each of … Continue reading

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Fix an Apple Notes Problem in ios 11 that Prevents You from Saving Data to Notes

It will probably come as no surprise to many people that Apple Notes has been rendered almost completely unusable in ios 11. When 1 problem goes away another one always seems to rear it’s ugly head. So, use this post to guide you through a solution that should solve many of those Apple Notes problems. Continue reading

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New Trick for PDF Creation of Complex Webpages & Layouts on ios

Creating PDF’s for difficult to manage webpages can be challenging but necessary if you want to save the webpage’s data within Apple Notes. In this post I offer a great trick for problematic webpages.

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Find Passwords Saved in Safari for iPad & iPhone on ios 11, 12 and 13

Finding Safari stored passwords in ios 11 can be challenging. This post describes how to find them. Continue reading

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