Inbox: A new approach to email

Gmail’s New Inbox App

Gmail has a new mobile app called Inbox.  A fellow Evernote beta tester wrote this blog article about a week ago.  He’s included a video about the new app in his post. And some really cool Gif like photos that show little iPhones updating info that I’d love knowing how he did!

Inbox: A new approach to email

Google's new Inbox app

It looks pretty cool, but you need an invite from a friend who’s already using it to try it out. I thought I could work around that little requirement by finding a link on one of Google’s info pages to the App Store.  But after downloading the app, when I tapped on the Gmail account I wanted to use I got a message saying I didn’t have an invite yet.

So I tried another Gmail acount (I have too many), but they all said the same thing.  I’m really annoyed because really think this app will address a lot of the problems I have with Gmail and I want it now!

I did of course email them…and got a nice ‘you’re on the list’ reply.

Update on Tuesday Nov 18, 2014

My Official Invite From Google Arrived Today!  I’m still excited to try it, but realistically that won’t happen anytime soon since I’m now officially in my pre-holiday panic mode and trying to figure out how I’ll get everything done in time for Christmas!  But I will write more about how I like it after the panic subsides.

More Info About the Inbox App

Link to Google’s Getting Started With Inbox Video

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