Bubble Browser is a Picturesque App That Creates a Kind of Mind Map for Evernote Notes


Bubble Browser is a cool app I ran across recently that graphically displays all of your Evernote notes beautifully…

I’ve been searching for a great mind mapping tool to use with Evernote. Something that would work well on ios devices. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that perhaps the best option is one that I’ve already explored and even written about here at vsatips.

I first encountered Bubble Browser in 2013.  I don’t remember where or how I first discovered this cool app…but I was so impressed with it that I wrote this short post.

Well, guess what…Bubble Browser is exactly what I’m searching for now, in 2016.  I need a graphical way of displaying my notes in a mind map.  Not only does Bubble Browser fit the bill…but it does this very elegantly!  So, I’ve rewritten my original post to include some new information.

Why Do I Need a Mind Mapping Tool?

A Mind Map of Tags Would Help Me To Manage Tags in a Batch-Like Mode on ios

I use Evernote almost exclusively…all day long…everyday…to gather my thoughts, capture ideas, store relevant content…virtually everything I do and everything I think ends up in Evernote.  My notebooks, notes and tags are voluminous.  I need a way to see large notebooks in relative space instead of in a linear display.  In addition to notes and tags Bubble Browser includes bubbles for dates, which is a great way for me to see subsets of my data by creation date.

My main purpose is to start adding more tags to notes as a method of cross referencing all my data. Because recently I encountered something I didn’t know about previously…there’s a maximum number of notebooks for individual user accounts.  That maximum is 250 notebooks.  I’ve almost reached that limit and I need a better method of classifying data that won’t encounter a maximum limit in the future.  Because the maximum number of tags allowed is 100,000…which essentially means to me that there’s no upper limit for tags.

Steps to get started using the Bubble Browser app

Bubble Browser Video Tutorials

The team that developed Bubble Browser is from Poland.  They’ve created 2 videos on Vimeo that are both visual tutorials for learning to use the app.


Bubble Browser was named one of the top 100 best designed apps of 2014 by the US Mobile & App Design Awards ranking service.  The app is intended to provide mind mapping features which in turn provides additional insight into the breadth of your notes, by categorizing them into colorful bubbles. The main types of bubbles are dates, tags and notebooks.  I’m not sure why this app never really was accompanied by a specially designed marketing campaign…because it truly is a brilliantly beautiful concept.

The Following is Taken Verbatim From App Design Awards Website:  

“The Team Behind Bubble Browser

Macoscope is an award-winning design and development studio from Poland and the first Polish startup dedicated to creating amazing applications strictly for Apple products. Established in 2009 in Warsaw by three veterans of the software and telecommunications industry and serial founders, Macoscope has set out to channel the creative energy of its experienced staff of designers and developers on to delivering awesome products for Mac and ios users as well as working with external clients on bringing their ideas for applications to life. 

Other Macoscope products include Code Pilot, Birdseye Mail, Nozbe, Invoices, and HUDTube. “

Macoscope’s Website

In addition to the 2014 design award, Bubble Browser won Evernote’s own Design Achievement Award in the 2013 Devcup

Here’s a link to it in the App Store





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