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How to Change Font Colors & Sizes in Evernote 8 | for ios

Tweet Evernote 8 Announcement on Evernote’s Blog Introduction Recently I accidentally landed upon a view of my blogs stats that I’d never seen before. It showed me every single post or page I’d ever written alongside a statistic for each … Continue reading

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Quick Tip | Use Evernote to Save Important Emails | Enable Fast & Easy Access for Finding Emails Too

Discussion of how to create Evernote notes using your emails as note’s content. More importantly, how you might benefit by using this feature. 2 major reasons include: It’s a great way to backup important emails. Searches become super-charged via Evernote’s renowned Search utility, making retrieval fast & easy…even offline! Read more for additional ideas. Continue reading

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Message to My Followers Re: Evernote versus Apple Notes Post Link Problem

Tweet Hi Again, Good News!   I finished writing the Evernote vs. Apple Notes comparison.  Here’s a link to it  if you’d like to read it directly.  Thank you all for your continued interest and support! vsajewel Hi Everyone, I … Continue reading

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Evernote or Apple Notes…Which is Best?

The gap is beginning to close between Evernote and Apple Notes. This post examines the pros and cons for each note taking app, and draws a conclusion regarding the overall best app for note taking. But then that changes with the 2017 update! Continue reading

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