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Apple’s New 11” iPad Pro Has One Huge Design Flaw…

My husband and I are both the proud new owners of Apple’s new 11” iPad Pro. While in general we love most everything about them, there is one huge annoying problem that no other reviewers mention. It’s annoying enough that it might cause someone to reconsider making a purchase right now, which is why I’ve written this post. I wish I’d known about it prior to my purchase. I feel like I should have discovered it based on the significant number of reviews that I read beforehand! Continue reading

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Inexpensive iPad Pro 11 Sleeves with Pencil Storage

Both my husband and myself are in the midst of getting the newest 11″ iPad Pro along with the new Apple Pencil 2…and we need sleeve-type cases relatively quickly. With the inclusion of needing to house the Apple Pencil too, our choices are much more limited. So I’m compiling a shortlist of my favorites from Amazon for us to choose between.
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How to Create a PNG Image on an ios Device Using Pixelmator

Creating a PNG image is easy on an iPad or iPhone using the Pixelmator app. In this post I provide the steps for creating PNG images on ios devices. Continue reading

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Scroll to the Bottom of a Webpage in Chrome ios & Work With Chrome Bookmarks

Using a bookmarklet to quickly scroll to the bottom of a webpage can be a handy tool to have ready for Chrome ios. It can save you time and prevent lots of scrolling! Continue reading

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