Links to Top News from Microsoft’s Window’s 10 Build Conference April 2015

On Wednesday, April 29th 2015

Microsoft held a Windows 10 Build Conference

Build # 10074

Well I’m Finally Excited About Window’s 10…and the rest of the world seems to be too…

Twitter’s been abuzz with news of Window’s 10 new features following Wednesday’s Build Conference.  This is the first time I’ve noticed so much excitement and now the big question seems to be…when will 10 be officially released?  Well, it seems since Microsoft is taking an entirely new approach to releasing Windows the time, that’s  not really the relevant question to ask.  That’s because Windows 10 will be free to all current users and it’s already available as a Technical Preview, which is really just to say that it’s out in beta…and has been out in beta for quite some time now.

Microsoft’s new approach will be to continue releasing enhancements and improvements to the beta community forever…and at some point, when the feature is considered ‘complete’ it will be pushed out as an update to the general user community.

So, probably the better question to ask is…when will new computers appear on the market bundled with Windows 10?  And that question has still not been answered completely.  Officially ‘this summer’ is the word…but unofficially, I suspect fall will be more likely.  But that’s really a moot point too because Microsoft wisely chose to not cannibalize their Surface market by making Windows 10 free to all users.  So sales shouldn’t stop while customers wait for the ‘next big thing!’  Also, given the innovativeness surrounding Window’s 10, and the ground breaking functionality Microsoft is aiming for, that isn’t surprising or even concerning to most people, it appears.

If you’ve not spent anytime learning about Window’s 10 yet, see for yourself with some of the links below just how amazing the new OS will really be!

Here are links to some of the best news stories I’ve run across:

  • 3D Printing Will Get Easier – Business Insider reports that the CAD giant Autodesk will align with Microsoft to make 3D printing more ‘plug & play’

  Anyone Can Try Out Window’s 10 PC World’s Guide to Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview

PC World Uses Slide Shows Innovatively to Quickly Highlight Many Window’s 10 News Updates:

  • Microsoft Will Continue Windows 10 Previews PC World writes that Windows 10 previews will continue beyond 10’s release date.  Microsoft is morphing towards a more ‘Chrome-like‘ manner of OS releases, meaning future builds will continue to be released to the public for testing and input forever.
  • Highlights of Cortana, AERO & Microsoft Edge – In this slide show PC World focuses on software enhancements Beta testers’ are getting right now including AERO, display tweaks and enhancements and Cortana (which is Window’s Siri) improvements.  (See further down if you are beta testing and don’t have AERO on your version…you can enable it.)

HoloLense Augmented Reality Overlay

  • PC World’s Brief Highlight Video –  Many feel the 3 biggest announcements of April 29th were Microsoft Edge, the new browser, MS’s promise to make Window’s 10 a ‘universal’ app that will be the same across all platforms and HoloLens, MS’s augmented reality technology, which goes far beyond the current (and pretty amazing standard) set by Occulus Rift.  This short video explains why.
  • Window’s 10 Continuum VideoTrusted Review’s article and video shows more about the ground breaking universal app concept and Continuum which will allow a Window’s Phone to connect to a PC and run everything from the phone using the PC’s bigger size and attached accessories.  It’s pretty amazing stuff!
  • A  Way For Beta Testers to Enable the AERO Feature – Beta testers for Windows 10 are being sampled for their use of the AERO blur feature it seems…for the 50% that don’t have that feature enabled WinBeta a longstanding Windows Beta community not affiliated with Microsoft, provides this link telling you how to enable it.

Window's 10 AERO

  • WinBeta’s Quick Up-Close & Personal Look at HoloLens – HoloLens is MS’s augmented reality headset…which doesn’t sound very exciting, but believe me…it is!  The Occulus Rift virtual reality headset is shocking in how real the ‘reality’ seems.  I’m not a gamer, but testing one out opened my eyes to how far-reaching this technology will go beyond gaming.  Augmented reality is a big step up from even that…so, while its hard to imagine uses for yet, I suspect that in a year’s time we’ll be seeing the first brilliant new ways this technology can better our world.  Sort of like how creating artificial limbs easily for people with small home 3D printers is already happening!

Raspberry Pi

  • Technical Details for Getting Window’s 10 Working on Raspberry Pi 2 – What makes the Raspberry Pi release so exciting is that many in the tech community are using Raspberry Pi for some of the most cutting edge innovations for IoT aka The Internet of Things!  This Makezine article includes a great illustrated guide to getting Window’s 10 IoT Core installed on it.
  • Microsoft Acquires Surface 3 Pen Tech From N-trig – This TechCrunch article gives a great overview of a stylus type pen that works with Window’s Surface tablets.  Those using Surface already know how advanced Window’s pen technology is from the capacitative type styluses used with most tablets. With MS’s acquisition of the technology it looks very possible that even greater integration will happen and pen technology will benefit too.

It’s easy to see how realistic Microsoft’s goal, which aims to reach the 1 billion user mark with Window’s 10, is almost a forgone conclusion.  After a few questionable years, Window’s users everywhere can finally breath  a huge collective sigh of relief!

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