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ios Quick Tips | Fix Disappearing Past Calendar Events

This post shows a quick fix for an ios calendar app problem in which past events keep disappearing from the calendar. Continue reading

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New Fix for Safari Speed & Crashing in ios 9

After buying the new 9.7″ iPad Pro and using the Android to ios import tool to set it up, Safari became unusable on all my ios devices. I scoured the Internet for a solution and didn’t find one.  Then I happened upon what I now know is a bug that’s not been reported anywhere else, that caused all my Safari speed and crashing problems. My method to fix it solves the problem completely. Continue reading

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Siri’s Newest ios 9 Tricks

Tweet Updated October 23, 2017 Siri Grows Smarter Each Year When Apple Introduces their Newest ios Software This Year ios 9 Has Helped Siri Learn More Than Usual The advent of ios 9, which was released in September 2015, allowed … Continue reading

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How to Turn iPad’s Keyboard into a Joystick | When to Use Joystick Mode |  ios 9 Tip

Every year Apple releases the next big thing for ios, always in September. Each year they add a few new features and capabilities for the keyboard too. Some of the more memorable new keyboard improvements in recent years include: ios … Continue reading

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