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Duplicate Mailboxes ios | How to Delete an Email Mailbox

For some odd reason most email accountst that I place on ios devices end up with duplicate mailboxes for things like Sent Mail, Drafts and Trash. Deleting them isn’t easy! This post explains how to delete those duplicate mailboxes. Continue reading

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Make Life Easier With Simple Automation Tricks Using IFTTT

Who Doesn’t Love Getting Work Done a Without Lifting a Finger? I do and I’m willing to bet that other close members of my family do too!  But there’s one specific family member  that I have in mind for today’s … Continue reading

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ios Quick Tips | Fix Disappearing Past Calendar Events

This post shows a quick fix for an ios calendar app problem in which past events keep disappearing from the calendar. Continue reading

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Siri’s Newest ios 9 Tricks

Tweet Updated October 23, 2017 Siri Grows Smarter Each Year When Apple Introduces their Newest ios Software This Year ios 9 Has Helped Siri Learn More Than Usual The advent of ios 9, which was released in September 2015, allowed … Continue reading

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