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Beginner’s Guide | Find the Best Headphones Using Headfonica Headphone Selector

Finding the right set of headphones can be a daunting task. This post aims to make that job much easier for you. Continue reading

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Instapaper Is Free!

Instapaper, the great ‘read later’ app has been acquired by Pinterest and is now free for everyone. Former paid features that required a Premium subscription will now be free for all. Premium subscribers will receive a prorated credit. Continue reading

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Complete Guide to Instapaper | How the App Saves Time & Increases Productivity

Instapaper is an app I use every day. It’s literally changed my life by increasing my productivity. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t use something like Instapaper can have an appreciation for how much time this can save you and how much more you can accomplish. For bloggers or anyone who needs to stay up-to-date on a lot of things like technology, trends, news…whatever…if you don’t use a tool like this you’re operating at a huge disadvantage! This holds true even more so if you’re a solo business owner or entrepreneur. The fact that it’s completely free and available on most devices makes it a ‘no-brainer!’ Continue reading

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Make Life Easier With Simple Automation Tricks Using IFTTT

Who Doesn’t Love Getting Work Done a Without Lifting a Finger? I do and I’m willing to bet that other close members of my family do too!  But there’s one specific family member  that I have in mind for today’s … Continue reading

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