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Duplicate Mailboxes ios | How to Delete an Email Mailbox

For some odd reason most email accountst that I place on ios devices end up with duplicate mailboxes for things like Sent Mail, Drafts and Trash. Deleting them isn’t easy! This post explains how to delete those duplicate mailboxes. Continue reading

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How to Turn iPad’s Keyboard into a Joystick | When to Use Joystick Mode |  ios 9 Tip

Every year Apple releases the next big thing for ios, always in September. Each year they add a few new features and capabilities for the keyboard too. Some of the more memorable new keyboard improvements in recent years include: ios … Continue reading

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Quick Way to Instantly Stop Apple’s iCloud from Dominating Your Network’s Bandwidth

Tweet It’s No Secret That Ever Since ios 8 iCloud Photo Backups Aggressively Hog Network Bandwidth Yet, Apple has not addressed the problem, leaving thousands of users with so little bandwidth it’s oftentimes impossible to even stream Netflix.  You know … Continue reading

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ios Quick Tips | Unsplit the ios Keyboard

Tips Introduction Skip the paragraphs below & scroll down to the screen shots for the quick solution A while back, perhaps around the time that ios 7 or 8 came out, Apple added the ability to split the keyboard for iPads. … Continue reading

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