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Quick Way to Instantly Stop Apple’s iCloud from Dominating Your Network’s Bandwidth

Tweet It’s No Secret That Ever Since ios 8 iCloud Photo Backups Aggressively Hog Network Bandwidth Yet, Apple has not addressed the problem, leaving thousands of users with so little bandwidth it’s oftentimes impossible to even stream Netflix.  You know … Continue reading

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Apple Released an Important Security Update for iPhone & iPad Users January 2016

ios 9 introduced an extremely serious security risk that Apple has just made public this week with their announcement of the security fixes included in the 9.2.1 update. It’s important for those people using ios 9 who also use public WiFi’s to update their devices to ios 9.2.1. Continue reading

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How to Delete An App that’s Stuck Installing on iPads & iPhones

Sometimes an app gets stuck in the downloading process and it won’t finish downloading. Fixing this problem can be trickier than it looks which is why I wrote this post. Continue reading

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Fix an iPad Pro Keyboard Layout Problem Where the ‘y’ key and the ‘z’ key Are  Reversed 

If you find that your iPad Pro has an onscreen keyboard with the y’ keys and I z’ keys reversed, you can change it in setting. Continue reading

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