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Edit Groups of Photos Simultaneously in ios 10 With OneEdit Pro App

Rarely does an app come along that I love so much I decide to dedicate an entire post to it. But OneEdit Pro is one of those exceptional ios apps that helps me so much I want to share how great it is with others. OneEdit Pro is a batch photo editing app for ios which means it lets you make the same changes to a group of photos all at one time. This capability, for bloggers and online publishers is a really great tool that saves me a lot of time every single day. Continue reading

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Export & Save Photos in the Highest Resolution Possible | iPad & iPhone

This is a visual guide showing how to set the highest export resolution possible for four popular ios Photo Editing apps. The 4 apps covered are Snapseed, Photogene⁴, Enlight and PhotoToaster. I also discuss Pixelmator. Continue reading

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Complete Guide to Instapaper | How the App Saves Time & Increases Productivity

Instapaper is an app I use every day. It’s literally changed my life by increasing my productivity. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t use something like Instapaper can have an appreciation for how much time this can save you and how much more you can accomplish. For bloggers or anyone who needs to stay up-to-date on a lot of things like technology, trends, news…whatever…if you don’t use a tool like this you’re operating at a huge disadvantage! This holds true even more so if you’re a solo business owner or entrepreneur. The fact that it’s completely free and available on most devices makes it a ‘no-brainer!’ Continue reading

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Use Pokemon Go to Increase Number’s of New Customers

Why You Should Do This Now Instead of Waiting We’ve literally just arrived home from a 2 1/2 week family vacation to Japan. While there, my tech-minded sons introduced me to a current video game called Pokemon GO.  It turns … Continue reading

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