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How to Subscribe to vsatips for Email Updates| I Updated My Tablets Page

In this post I provide an example of how readers can subscribe to my blog as well as highlight the updated Tablets resources and links page. Continue reading

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Evernote’s New App For Cooking Provides Recipes from the  New York Times | 1st Time Using WordPress ‘Press This’ 

I ran across the new Evernote and New York Times app for recipes, and decided to try and post it using the WordPress ‘Press This’ feature. Continue reading

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Highlights From Apple’s Keynote Event on October 16, 2014

I was excited to watch the keynote and wanted to present some of the highlights here. I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible in presenting this recap of the keynote event.  It is however, very likely that I’ve made … Continue reading

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Apple | New Live Event Links | Dates & Times

2nd Update (3/9/15 1:30pm CST) | The Live Event just ended.  Apple has posted pictorial highlights here, and promised that they will have the live event video available for everyone to watch shortly, at the same web address. To read … Continue reading

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