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News: at vsatips & at home

An update about what I’ve been up to since I haven’t published anything in a while. Continue reading

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The Quintessential Beginner’s Guide to PokémonGo for 2018

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d become an advocate for video games much less a player of one of them. But fate intervened to make exactly that happen. Because it did, I feel that I need to apologize for my former intractable anti-video game stance and attone for my well intentioned but misguided actions by providing this hopefully concise overview of the widely popular PokemonGo game. Continue reading

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Baby Boomers Guide to Surviving the Post-Operative Effects of a Total Hip Replacement | Part 2 THR Series

This ‘Baby Boomers Guide to Surviving the Post-Operative Effects of a Total Hip Replacement’ will help hip replacement patients think through all the of the post-surgical aids they might need as well as consider alternative pain management options. There are a lot of little tools and medical devices that can make the hip replacement journey easier on patients, if problems present. There are also a lot of pain management alternatives that might help patients who are going off the narcotic pain medication that they required immediately post-op. I’ve tried to include thorough coverage of both. Continue reading

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How to Subscribe to vsatips for Email Updates| I Updated My Tablets Page

In this post I provide an example of how readers can subscribe to my blog as well as highlight the updated Tablets resources and links page. Continue reading

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