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The Quintessential Beginner’s Guide to PokémonGo for 2018

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d become an advocate for video games much less a player of one of them. But fate intervened to make exactly that happen. Because it did, I feel that I need to apologize for my former intractable anti-video game stance and attone for my well intentioned but misguided actions by providing this hopefully concise overview of the widely popular PokemonGo game. Continue reading

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Pikachu Turned 21! Pokémon Go News & Pokémon GO Plus Tips for 2017

Pikachu turned 21 on Feb. 27th and for a limited time he can be captured wearing a Birthday Hat! The popular PokémonGo game has surpassed 650 million downloads and there are 80 New Pokémon as well as some other new items for Trainers to hunt for too. Continue reading

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Are PokemonGo Gift Boxes Worth It? Tips to Catch Pikachu with Christmas Hat!

Your chance to capture Pikachu with a Christmas Hat will be ending soon. Niantic’s offers several deals in the items store as gift boxes which provide significant cost savings for items like incense, lures, Great balls and Ultra balls. Continue reading

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Latest PokémonGo News, Halloween Bonuses, Tips & Resources October 28, 2016

Why PokemonGo continues to engage people worldwide. Plus, Halloween bonuses, Pidgey Spamming, PokemonGo Plus, Maps and more. All the best PokemonGo news for October 2016! Continue reading

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