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  • 2nd Update (3/9/15 1:30pm CST) | The Live Event just ended.  Apple has posted pictorial highlights here, and promised that they will have the live event video available for everyone to watch shortly, at the same web address.
  • To read more and get a very brief summary of the most important details announced today, see my yet-to-be written blog post.

Apple’s Live Event March 9th, 2015

1:00 PM  11:00 AM  Central Time

Apple Live March 9th

  • 1st Update (3/9/15) |  regarding the time for March 9th Event (posted March 9th 11:30)

Apple posted the wrong time on their website originally. They posted 10:00 am ET I think…or something like that. It was not Pacific Time! I know this because they provided a utility that would convert the time for you in your own time zone…which I did. The Apple utility converted the time to 11:00am CST…& then I was asked if I’d like to add the event to my Calendar…which I did! 

I did read one article last weekend that mentioned 1:00 pm CST...but I assumed it was wrong or a type.

MacRumors just posted on their live event that Apple Online Store was closed down…which usually means only one thing…RESTOCKING for something new & BIG!

If you want to learn more about what this means and the restocking process you read my blog post about it here.

Event Info & Speculation

A few weeks ago Apple announced a live event which will be live streamed to all Apple users on March 9th, 2015.  While no one know exactly what will be discussed or announced during this exciting new event, there’s a lot of speculation floating around.

Most likely will be detailed news of Watch, which will be going on sale in April 2015.

Many suspect that Apple may announce a new larger iPad, with true multi-tasking features such as multi-screen functionality.  It’s likely that a new MacBook Air will be shown, and information about the Health App Apple released with ios 8.

Many, many new and tech sites are following the whole event and have their own events, or live blogs, which provide constant updates and tidbits of what’s happening during the pre-live-stream portion.  Below the main Apple link I’ll provide some links to some of my favorites!


Here’s the Link to watch a replay of the live event:   link to watch Apple’s live stream of their newest event on March 9th.

The Verge:

The Verge is posting almost minute by minute coverage of the event that is not being live streamed.  The link below takes you to their constant news.  They’ve provided a lot of details for the new MacBook Pro that was announce around 10:30 PAC.

Link to Verge Live Blog and Stream

Cult of Mac:

Link to Cult of Mac’s Blog post about the mysterious big white box

More Posts for older Apple events

Apple’s Live Stream Event on October 16th, 2014

Link to CNET news announcing Apple’s newest product launch event


Link to Watch Apple’s LiveStream Event at 10am PST (12pm CST)

You can watch the live stream from an Apple device meeting the following requirements:  Live streaming video requires Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later.

Apple's Oct.16th it's been way too long invite

Apple’s Oct. 16th ‘it’s been way too long’ invite (photo from Apple)

 Apple Media Event Thursday, October 16th at 10:00 am

This will be a much smaller event than the September 9th one, in which Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced the new iPhone 6’s, ios 8, the Watch and several more new features and software products.

Ironically,  China, where so many of the new iPhones are being manufactured and shipped from, has yet to allow Apple to actually sell the iPhone 6’s there.  The official launch for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will occur the following day, October 17th.

Retail Apple Store Sanlitun Beijing

 Retail Apple Store Sanlitun Beijing (photo from Apple)

See PC World’s article for more information the China launch

Possible news announcements may include the iPad Air 2 in new sizes, possible updates to iMacs, Mac Mini’s, Apple TV and MacBooks.

See my earlier post for more details about the rumored new products

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