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The Best Password Manager’s Available in 2018 | An Overview of the Services Available

This began as my attempt at creating a comprehensive listing of all the best Password managers available in January 2016. Overtime it’s evolved somewhat into more of a discussion about what users should look for and which are the best password managers currently. Continue reading

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How To Install Dashlane’s Bookmarklet

You can pull up Dashlane in ios using the built in share extension or using a bookmarklet. The bookmarklet alternative is an older mechanism that’s no longer needed in newer versions of ios. But sometimes it can come in handy for someone. That’s why I’ve continued to keep the old post from 2015 up-to-date. But I fear that my methods for sharing the JavaScript coded needed for the bookmarklet aren’t rendering properly anymore. If anyone knows how to fix this…please let me know! Continue reading

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Dashlane is Beta Testing A New Password Changing Application That Sounds Amazing!

Are You Sick & Tired of Security Breaches Forcing You To Change All Your Passwords? Well, I am. I’ve been working on a blog post recently about how right now, at the close of 2014, it appears that the hackers … Continue reading

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