ScanSnap Evernote Scanner on Sale for Father’s Day

Recently I updated one of my webpages:  Evernote Tips & Links and the Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner.  I wrote a segment about the Fujitsu scanner which I’ve been using for about a year now and absolutely love!  I first learned of it through Evernote’s Marketplace, which is where Evernote sells branded products which either promote the Evernote name or offer additional features to the main Evernote Application.

This is not the scanner I ended up buying.  If you’re interested in the one I bought, go to the first link in the above paragraph where you can read about my scanner and why I purchased it.  Yet there are many people who want this version, which is the official Evernote one, (and once again, not the one I’m using.)   I’m writing this short post because the sale ends in 2 days.

Evernote  Scanner

At the Marketplace today I discovered that Evernote has discounted their version of the Fujitsu Xi500 scanner 15% for Father’s Day.  Unfortunatly I discovered this at the tailend of the sale which only lasts for 2 more days.  Anyone who’s been wanting this scanner but has been deterred by the price, this is the lowest price I’ve ever seen it offered for by Evernote (which is the only seller of the particular version.)

Evernote sweetens the deal even further by offering (for a limited time only) free shipping too.

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Hi...I'm the author of 2 main blogs on WordPress...vsatips...where I write tech tips for mobile devices...primarily ios...2nd is vsatrends...where I write less about tech things and more about everything else. I also host a YouTube channel which I use to better illustrate some of the 'how to's' in my posts. I love everything about technology. Currently, my main interests/platforms are ios, Windows and Amazon Echo. Recently I decided we were spending way too much money with our local cable provider. So I decided to cut the cord. There is a definite learning curve, especially the antennae part, but we successfully did that and are now saving a boatload of money, so I write some about that. I also am extremely conscientious about security because of an event my family endured , so I write a lot about that too. Two sub-categories of security I tend to focus on are the password manager Dashlane and Hardware Firewalls. Last, I take a lot of notes and have been a beta tester for Evernote for many years. I love Evernote! In recent years Apple has beefed up Apple Notes a it’s become a fairly serious note long as its OK if you lose or mess up all your Apple note data. I write about those 2 note platforms primarily.
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