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How Americans Can Travel to Cuba Without a Group in 2019

My family traveled to Cuba over the holidays and initially everything that could go wrong did. But our problems led to the fortuitous circumstances which resulted in our enjoying perhaps the best family vacation we’ve ever taken! In this post I describe all the misinformation that exists about Americans traveling to Cuba. Hopefully readers will come away with the understanding that anyone from the US can travel there without worrying about governmental restrictions which don’t hinder travel in the least if they even exist. Continue reading

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Inexpensive iPad Pro 11 Sleeves with Pencil Storage

Both my husband and myself are in the midst of getting the newest 11″ iPad Pro along with the new Apple Pencil 2…and we need sleeve-type cases relatively quickly. With the inclusion of needing to house the Apple Pencil too, our choices are much more limited. So I’m compiling a shortlist of my favorites from Amazon for us to choose between.
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Fix a Missing Print icon in Safari ios 12 | HP Printer’s Tap to Print App is a Total Scam

Recent changes HP has made to their ios apps have caused a lot of confusion about which app to use as well as introduced a bogus app that’s ripping off tons of HP and Apple customers. This article describes how to avoid these unnecessary charges and provides a link to the correct HP App too use. I also show you how to restore the Print command in Safari. Continue reading

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