Overview of Apple Live Event September 7, 2016

Photo of iPhone 7 below

Here are just a few of the highlights of the Apple Live Event today…

First Off, Tim Cook Discussed Apple’s Educational Platform…

  • Apple’s ConnectED program is providing free iPads
  • Apple’s Swift Playground iPad app teaches kids coding in Swift
  • A new iWork innovation Realtime Collaboration for Numbers, Pages and Keynote allows students and teachers to work together on projects

Apple's new iWork Realtime Collaboration

Some App News…

  • Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of Mario introduced a new app…Nintendo is releasing a new Mario app which has been missing from the App Store forever
  • The App Store has sold over 500 billion apps

Super Mario Run Game annonced

Apple Watch News…

Apple Watch Sales Exceed Expectations… 

Apple Watch Has Become the 2nd Top Selling Watch Brand in the World…2nd Only to Rolex

Apple’s Newest Watch OS 3…

was released in June. It includes:

  • A more intuitive user interface
  • A new Breath app for reducing stress
  • The ability to now share your fitness activity with friends
  • A new 911 feature which alerts local emergency authorities as well as selected contacts.
  • It’s also faster and more responsive

New Hermes Watch Design

The New Apple Watch Series 2 is now Waterproof…

You can swim with it!

  • The activity app will add swimming as a new activity
  • There will be 2 swimming programs available
  • All the potential entry points for water on the new watch have been redesigned to keep water out except one…the speaker, which will actually expell any water that may have snuck in after swimming
  • Apple has finally given Watch a new GPS utility…at least for 2 activities…walking and running.  You not longer need to carry your phone with you to track you activity for those 2 activities.

Apple Watch Series 1 News

  • Apple will continue to sell what they are now calling Watch Series 1…which is the current watch
  • Series One watches will be updated to a new dual-core processor
  • The price will be dropped to $269

***A New PokemonGo app for Apple Watch***

The developer John Hanke founder and CEO of PokemonGo from Niantic Labs announced that PokemonGo for watch will be coming out before the end of the year.  This new app should make the game more accessible, better, faster, easier and especially safer!

PokemonGO stats
PokemonGo has been downloaded more than 500 million times around the world.  He also announced that the new PokemonGo Plus wristband will be available later this month.

Perhaps the biggest news for the PokemonGo’s new Watch app might be that it will interface somehow with the fitness activity app.  A Niantics Lab person gave a demo of the new app and you can capture Pokemon, hatch eggs, get items from Pokestops and see information about the Pokestop…all from your watch!  You can also see the calories you’ve burned!  You can even hatch eggs!  And their demo included hatching a Pikachu!

Pikachu hatching on Apple Watch

More Watch News & Pricing…

Tim announced that Apple has formed a…

  • New Partnership with Nike and they are introducing 4 new Nike+ models of Watch
  • $369 is the base price for the entry level new watch and for the new Nike + Watch too
  • Both Watch Series 2 and the Nike + can be preordered Sept 9th

Apple call’s the new Apple Watch “the ultimate device for a healthy life”

The New iPhone 7

The iPhone has Sold over 1 billion iPhones making it the best selling product of its kind in the world

iPhone 7 Newest Features

  • New aluminum frame
  • New integrated and buried (not visible) antenna
  • 2 new black finishes…one is glossy called Jett Black (and uses a new manufacturing process to achieve) with an aluminum Apple logo and the other is a metallic or matte black…ingeniously called Black!
  • iPhone 7 will also be available in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold

iPhone 7 Plus Introduces New Dual Cameras

  • The 1st has the new 12mp sensor
  • The 2nd is a telephoto lens – which gives acess via the camera app so is a software zoom up to 10x (but the true optical zoom is 2x)
  • There’s also a new Portrait mode that gives you a real-time depth preview that no DSLR even does yet – it’s free software update for all iPhone 7 Plus users later this year.

Comparison of All iPhone Camera Features

in the New iPhone Lineup

Comparison of All iPhone Camera Features in the New iPhone Lineup

Comparison of All iPhone Camera Features in the New iPhone Lineup

Tim Cook making iPhone 7 announcements

Phil Talked More About Some of the Specific Hardware Features 

  • There are 2 entirely new black finishes
  • The Home Button is all new and new customizable!  It’s force sensitive & has a Haptic Engine that gives you feedback and is open to dev lovers
  • The new enclosures are water & dust resistant (they were re-engineered from the inside out)
  • The camera is entirely new

iPhone 7 is more resistant to water

Phil Love’s Cameras and Gave More a Detail on the Camera

  • A new image stabilizer 
  • A new 12 mp light sensor that lets in more light
  • The Flash now has 4 LED’s with a flicker sensor that improves picture quality a lot
  • An ISP that doubles the image throughput…which apparently is huge
  • Live Photos can be edited
  • Raw files can now be accessed and edited
  • There’s a new 7mp Face Time camera (which is up from 5)
  • Something called ‘Wide color images’ is supposed to provide much better color saturation

camera's new color feature

iPhone 7 Review of the New Features & a Few More New Features

  • A new Retina display was introduced by an Instagram executive – he said that later this year a new version of Instagram would be launched that would use the new 7’s feature
  • Audio improvement means that all new speakers are a huge jump forward in audio quality and for the first time ever they put out Stereo sound
  • Earbuds & headphones – will now be connecting over lightning
  • Apple is including an adapter with each phone for older headphones (lightening to mini-audio)
  • Brand new Wireless Airpods which work with an infrared sensor and motion accelerometers (up to 5 hours on one charge)
  • Apple Pay innovations – there a lot of innovations but one of the biggest is Apple Pay finally comes to Japan (using Japan’s near field technology called FeliCa)
  • Performance – a new cpu chip called A10 Fusion that’s twice as fast as the A8 and 20 times faster than the original iPhone.  It has 4 cores…2 which are high efficiency that are managed using Apples new performance
  • A new GPU a graphics chip that’s 2/3 faster than the A9 and twice as fast as the A8…this will enable console level gaming and Pro apps.

Link to all Apple.com’s iPhone 7 News, Features & Pricing

All the colors for iPhone 2016

Apple’s Comparison Chart of Video Camera &

FaceTime Camera’s for Current Lineup

Apple's Comparison of Video CamerasApple's Comparison of Facetime Cameras

Information on the complete lineup of iPhones:

  • Apple will Double the storage in all configurations for the same price as before
  • 32 128 and 256GB’s
  • Apple is keeping 6 & 6s in the line-up but they are doubling the storage
  • The iPhone upgrade program which began last year makes those who got it eligible for the new 7
  • Orders start on Friday Sept 9
  • Ships Sept 16 to roughly 25 countries and after that about that many more 1 week later
  • Apple has developed new wireless Airpods which will be available in late October

Apple’s Feature Comparison in the Complete iPhone Lineup

Apple's Feature Comparison for the Complete iPhone LineupApple's Feature Comparison for the Complete iPhone Lineup

CNET Hand’s On Review & Pricing

CNET writer’s got a chance to play with the iPhone 7’s following the live event.  The did a nice write-up of that experience and include some great information in the article linked to above.  They also put together the awesome pricing chart below!

CNET'S Pricing Chart

CNET’S Pricing Chart

Apple’s new wireless Airpods

Apple's new wireless Airpods

Apple Began a New Upgrade Program in 2016

Learn more about it at Apple’s website.

iPhone has an upgrade program now

Last on the agenda was that Sia performed her new song ‘The Greatest’ alongside the new music video (starring Maddie from Dance Mom’s) which premiered on Apple Music this week and ‘Chandelier’

Sia performs 'The Greatest'Maddie dances in 'Chandelier'

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