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What Regular People Need to Know About the Newest Computer Vulnerabilities…Meltdown & Spectre

If You Thought the Worst Was Behind Us in 2017…Think Again…It truly boggles my mind to see the scale of the most recent vulnerabilities that have been brought to light. 2017 was a watershed year for data security. I really didn’t think anything could top it. But a few days ago 2 more recent discoveries proved me wrong. Continue reading

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Part 2 | Beginner’s Guide to Firewalls for Small Networks | Network Design

This is Part 2 of the series: A Beginner’s Guide to Hardware Firewalls. In Part 2 I briefly review some history of firewalls and discuss how they’ve evolved in recent years. Network design and how firewalls are incorporated into networks is examined as well as why this would be something worthwhile to consider. Last I expose readers to some newer types of firewalls, which can vary considerably from their older counterparts. Continue reading

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Brand New Device Secures Networks & Protects Against KRACK Attacks

Recent articles about the newest WiFi security threat flooded the news last week. This week I’m excited to share a brand new device I discovered that will protect your network from this new threat which is called a Krack Attack. Continue reading

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What Hacker’s Don’t Want You to Know About Firewalls

With this post I begin a brand new series of articles in which I’ll discuss pretty much every aspect of Firewalls that there is to discuss. What they are, who should use them them, and most importantly, how to go about finding a good one. This will be a series of posts because ultimately I’ll convey a lot of information…too much to comfortably include in one article. Continue reading

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