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2 NEWS UPDATES: News of the New iPhone Event | News of YubiKey for ios

Read my highlights about the 2 most important news items for Apple users as August 2018 draws to a close. Apple announces the new iPhone Xs event and YubiKey is coming to ios. Continue reading

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Find Any Apple Link…Apps, Books, Media…even without an Apple Device!

Apple’s Link Builder allows anyone to find a link to any Apple content in most countries Apple does business. It’s pretty amazing! Continue reading

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How to Get the Lowest Price When Buying from Amazon

Shopping at Amazon can be better when using the pricing service Camel Camel Camel. It will show you when and what the lowest price for any product was and send you alerts when prices drop for it. It offers a lot of other cool bargain shopping tools as well. Continue reading

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Fix an Apple Notes Problem Where the Default Switches to the ‘On My iPad’ Notebook

One day all of my Apple Notes just disappeared and there was only one Notebook that displayed in the Notes app. It was the ‘On My iPad’ Notebook. What was worse was that this occurred on all my ios devices! This post is my saga about how I finally fixed the problem. Continue reading

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