One of the Best Free Photo Editing Apps for ios is Adobe Photoshop Express | Overview of the New 2017 Version


In May 2017 Adobe completely overhauled their popular free photo editing app. Because it is free and because Adobe offers more photo editing apps than any other developer, the number of features and tools they provide has almost become too much for me to handle. Just the number of amazing photo filters in this one app alone is mind boggling and they just added 25 more!

So I decided to write some notes for myself to keep examples of the various filters, and then I remembered that when I did that with LumaFusion, which is an incredible new video editing app for ios at my sister website…vsatrends…that I’d accidently published it without realizing it too…that several people had already liked it before I realized my mistake. So in that instance I decided that rather than unpublishing it I would just clean it up some clean it up some and let it remain published. Ironically, that post gets more views each day than all my others at vsatrends combined! Probably because the app is so incredible…not my post. But also because the reason I was keeping notes on learning to use it in the first place was because there aren’t any great learning tools for it…so I was compiling my own :-) And it turns out that other people are searching for the same thing.

Below is a screenshot of my LumaFusion post.

Another irony is that I already did accidentally publish this post too! With just a title!!

That’s the 2nd time in 2 weeks…so now I have to get some of my notes & screenshots added more quickly or people will think I’m crazy. I also realized why I keep accidentally publishing things…it’s because something was changed in the WP beta app that I use to write most of my posts. In the right hand corner where it used to say SAVE it now says PUBLISH. I rotely hit that many times while writing while and now sometimes I do it before I catch myself. So, sorry once again for the accidental post.

Filter Categories in Adobe Photoshop Express (aka PS Express)

There are 6 categories of special effect filters PS Express…this has increased from 2. I’d planned to keep an example of each one using a sample photo of mine.

Originally I”d intended upon using the same photo with the default settings for each filter…so an ‘Apple to Apples’ comparison would be possible. I still may do that but I may change up the sample images. Because I noticed when creating the first batch that my sample is dark therefore some the subtleties or nuances of the filters aren’t as obvious as they could be. So, after posting this first gallery, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know in the comments section at the very end.

The 6 Filter Categories Include:

  • Basic – 23 filters
  • Black & White filters
  • Portrait filters
  • Nature filters
  • Splash filters
  • Duo Tone filters

One of the really great things about PS is that you can vary both the intensity of the filter as well as edit all of their various image properties, like saturation, contrast, sharpness etc separately either before or after you use a filter. In fact the number of image properties that you can edit using PS is impressive.

What’s Even More Impressive is the Quality of PS’es Editing Tools

Some of the basic filters

Some of the basic filters

You can manipulate things like contrast, exposure and white balance with many diffferent photo editing apps in ios…some for free…and some for a price. So if you have some great editing apps already then you may think that another is worth your while to explore…but you might be wrong.

The reason is because PS offers some of the best tools I’ve ever encountered. Specifically my 2 favorite categories include:

Effects which includes:

  • Clarity
  • Defog

Details which includes:

  • Sharpness
  • Reduce Luminance Noise
  • Reduce Color Noise

Adobe’s Sharpness tool is unlike no other. It sharpens much better with creating a lot of artifacts. And the artifacts it does create are usually easily removed using Reduce Luminance Noise. When I get some time I’ll upload a couple examples of these.

Examples of All Basic Filters

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More to Come

I still have a lot more filter examples to upload…but since I accidentally published this I don’t have those ready quite yet! I’ll be adding them soon.


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2 Responses to One of the Best Free Photo Editing Apps for ios is Adobe Photoshop Express | Overview of the New 2017 Version

  1. Mark Davis says:

    I actually use the desktop version of Photoshop all the time for work all the time and have been using it for years and it is the best. I recently tried out the express version on my phone because I was curious and it is almost as good. I can edit photos that I have either taken from my phone or have saved somewhere like in my email and edit them while I’m on the go. It has all of the same tools and is very easy to use.


    • vsajewel says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Paul! I haven’t used the full blown Photoshop in years, and granted this isn’t the same. But it does offer a great set of tools that work exceptionally well! It’s awesome to hear you think so too! I sometimes feel like I’m in a vacuum and having someone else’s opinion, especially someone who uses Photoshop, is really helpful :-)


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