How To Create A HotLink In Pages ios 8

Pages ios 8 Tip | Create A Hotlink


One of the great new features for Pages in ios 8 is the ability to create hotlinks in your documents. I’m pretty sure this was not possible prior to ios 8, but in the event I’m wrong…oh well…I just learned how to do it!  It is not an intuitive process, so I thought I’d explain it here.

How to create a Hotlink in Pages

Step 1

To create a Hotlink first go to Safari and copy the URL you want to use as the link

Step 2

Next type the text that you want to be the ‘plain English’ version for the link and then select it.

Step 3

Tap on + in the upper right hand side of the keyboard (the formatting bar) and the selected text will instantly become underlined like this:



Example | Here’s a link to learn more about all of the great features of Pages

After the text is underlined tap anywhere on the page to close the context menu

Step 4

The last step is to just tap once to select that underlined section of text again (tapping twice, which is the usual selection method will not work). This time you will be changing the actual URL that the link will open. Oddly, Apple always auto-enters for the URL, which you then need to change to the actual URL you want. When you tap once a context menu appears with ‘Link Settings’ at the bottom. Tap ‘Link Settings’ remove the URL there and paste your own in. You can also change the display text here. Tap anywhere else to close the box and you’re done!

Here’s a little more information about how Pages handles web addresses and links:


One additional new feature in ios 8 is Pages Help from right within the app. There was originally a help function included, but something occurred which rendered it inoperable, and it was finally fixed in the new release.


Why I Love Pages Now

Creating hotlinks in Pages may seem not seem like a big deal, but for me, it increases functionality a lot!  The result? An ‘already great word processor‘ is now even better.

When Apple chose to make Pages available to all ios users for free in late 2013, (as well as the whole iWork suite of apps including Numbers and Keynote, which are the Excel and Power Point counterparts for Mac) the iPad became a real contender as a replacement for a full blown computer about for about 95% of the time. There are still things I use a computer for, but that list has become very short, making my work environment truly mobile.

BRAVO to Apple & Thank You!!!

I don’t suppose there’s any chance of becoming a beta tester for Watch…is there?  Just in case there is, I’m letting it be publicly known that I’d be happy to volunteer :-)

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Hi...I'm the author of 2 main blogs on WordPress...vsatips...where I write tech tips for mobile devices...primarily ios...2nd is vsatrends...where I write less about tech things and more about everything else. I also host a YouTube channel which I use to better illustrate some of the 'how to's' in my posts. I love everything about technology. Currently, my main interests/platforms are ios, Windows and Amazon Echo. Recently I decided we were spending way too much money with our local cable provider. So I decided to cut the cord. There is a definite learning curve, especially the antennae part, but we successfully did that and are now saving a boatload of money, so I write some about that. I also am extremely conscientious about security because of an event my family endured , so I write a lot about that too. Two sub-categories of security I tend to focus on are the password manager Dashlane and Hardware Firewalls. Last, I take a lot of notes and have been a beta tester for Evernote for many years. I love Evernote! In recent years Apple has beefed up Apple Notes a it’s become a fairly serious note long as its OK if you lose or mess up all your Apple note data. I write about those 2 note platforms primarily.
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