Fun Website for Making 3D Images of Names

My Latest Web Find

I’m making a birthday card and was looking for some neat ways to create ‘name‘ graphics.

This is the Google Image search I typed: Name ‘Jewel’

One of the images displayed was a really nice 3D graphic from this website:

Link to 3D Image Generator

 Here’s the image I downloaded

3D Name Graphic

3D Name Graphic

Initially the image had a watermark type of alteration within it that made it render poorly for the regular way of saving an image from the web on an iPad. (Usually I just go to ‘view image’ and then long press the screen displaying it until the option ‘Save image’ pops up.)

Instead, there was a link to ‘purchase it’ for the cost of

1 Like on Facebook


1 Tweet

I thought that was a really cool idea!

So…I signed into my Twitter account (through the website) and posted a tweet saying I liked this service. Immediately following my ‘payment‘, I was returned to the 3D image that I’d liked and the marred rendering was removed for downloading (by marred, I mean the watermark-like protection, for lack of a better word).

I was really impressed by both the uniqueness of the image, and by how streamlined the whole process was.  The site appears to be a clean, spam-free, user friendly interface. Oftentimes I have problems with the web-based Twitter interface on the ios version of Safari.  But I had no difficulty with this  site.

Even more impressive to me was the fact that I was rewarded with 3 tokens for my positive tweet, and I only used 1 for that image…so I still had 2 left!!!

Not wanting to waste my tokens, I downloaded 2 more family names rendered in different 3D styles.

There was no setting up an account, email address or signin required, which is one of the reasons the interface is so streamlined.

Here’s the actual image I downloaded.  I pulled it into Photoshop for ios to create the frame in the image shown above

Downloadable 3D Name Graphic

Original 3D Name Graphic


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